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‘Virginity Tests’ in Egypt are an outrage!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

News outlets are reporting that women in Egypt who are protesting (as a part of the process to oust the government) are being subjected to “virginity tests”. The assumption is that if they fail the “test”, that means that they are prostitutes.

These women now have to decide whether they feel strongly enough about their freedom to risk being subjected to these “virginity tests”. Many are speculating that these “tests” are just a way of deterring the women from going out and protesting.

What I find so saddening is that as horrific as this is, the protest to oust the government are being given more media attention and have more support than the protests to these “virginity tests”. Yes, the freedom of the Egyptian people is important, newsworthy and even urgent but so is this issue of “virginity testing”.

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