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Chris Brown apologizes for his behavior and Robin Roberts invites him back

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Chris Brown is now, reportedly, apologizing for the shocking and unacceptable behavior that he displayed at the ABC studios is New York a couple of days ago and Robin Roberts has reportedly invited him back.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; if Chris Brown was genuinely upset and that was how he displayed his emotions, then he needs help. We are all responsible for our emotions-period. No amount of blaming, criticizing and judging of others as an excuse for our behavior makes them responsible for it.

I watched the video clip of some of Chris Brown’s interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts. It is my opinion that Robin persisted on staying on the topic of Rihanna a little longer than was necessary, to the extent that it was uncomfortable for both her and Chris. That being said though, I still maintain that Chris Brown’s alleged temper tantrum which led to him smashing a window and storming out onto the street topless is not even close to acceptable.

We are all responsible for how we choose to express our emotions and if we do so in a destructive manner, that is an indication that we need to make different choices. If Chris Brown was so frustrated by Robin Roberts’ questions, he could have gone and written her a strongly worded letter to let her know or he could have gone and released some of that energy by exercising or maybe even writing a song, but throwing a temper tantrum and destroying other people’s property just doesn’t “cut it”.

I feel compelled to note though, that the last time a woman (Rihanna) irritated Chris, he physically assaulted her but this time he decided to take his frustrations out on a window. This may be a step in the right direction. In my desperate attempt to look at the bright side, I’m applauding Chris for not attacking Robin and instead, punching a window. Although this is the lesser of the two evils, Chris is still a long way from being the role model that he could be.

Wendy Williams on Dancing With the Stars

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Until recently, I had generally lost interest in the ABC channel show, “Dancing with the Stars” until I heard that Wendy Williams was going to be on it. The reason why Wendy Williams sparked my interest in the show is that while I don’t actually watch her show, I have had a few glimpses of it and her and each time I was mildly amused.

What I love about Wendy Williams is that she has a big and bubbly personality and she does not apologize for it. Every time I have seen her on television, I have loved her energy and enthusiasm, so last night when she was on Dancing with The stars, I was a little disappointed to see how timid she was.

Wendy Williams’ appearance on Dancing with the Stars reminded of one lesson that I have been learning and re-leaning; be who you are, no matter what. Trying and learning new things is a great way to grow and expand your influence and I have a lot of respect for Wendy because she is stepping out of the box and doing something that causes her discomfort. What I would encourage Wendy to do though, is to “bring Wendy” to every single performance.

This does not only apply to Wendy; it applies to all of us. It’s great to do new things and go new places but it’s important to always remember what people love about you and bring that to every new place and endeavor.

So, Wendy, next time, (assuming there will be one) please be the sassy, bold and audacious Wendy that we have come to love. If you do that, you’ll go a long way on Dancing with the Stars!

Whoopi Goldberg and the women of The View discuss the Tsunami in Japan

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

The View’s moderator, Whoopi Goldberg opened the show, The View, today by talking about the recent earthquake and Tsunami that has, sadly, hit Japan. While a video of the destruction and damage in Japan played behind her, she suggested that anyone who had not seen those images “must be living under a rock”.

The people of Japan continue to be in my prayers but I have made a conscious decision not to be constantly exposed to the images and news about all the death and destruction that the people of Japan are suffering from. It is my firm belief that we have to be diligent about what we allow into our minds and into our thoughts. Again, I reiterate, because I am a praying woman, I continue to pray, not only for the people of Japan but also for anyone and everyone that has been or will be affected by this great tragedy. That being said, constantly looking at horrific images of the destruction and continuing to talk about it, does not accomplish anything.

Initially, when the earthquake first happened, it was necessary to provide information to the world about what was happening and some of the images that we saw on television were useful because they showed us the magnitude of the earthquake and the degree to which it had affected Japan and its surrounding areas. I believe that we are now past that point.
I encourage anyone who has the resources to help the people affected by this tragedy to focus their time and energy on helping in whatever way they can. In addition to that, I encourage those that pray to pray for the people who are affected. What I am strongly discouraging is constantly talking about the tragedy and not taking any positive and restorative action. What I’m also discouraging is watching the images of the destruction and feeling fear, despair and other negative and dis-empowering emotions and then not doing anything.

I believe that when Whoopi Goldberg opened the show, The View, by talking about the devastation, especially in Japan, she was doing her job; she was discussing one of the world’s most current and pressing topics and that is fine. That being said, I think that we all need to move to the next level and stop watching it and talking about it unless we are talking about taking positive, restorative action that will help the people affected. Let’s help the people of Japan by taking action and let’s help ourselves by keeping death and destruction out of our minds.


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American Idol Wild Card Picks save Ashthon Jones and Naima Adedapo

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Just as we started to think that the American Idol Top 10 had completely excluded black women, we were introduced to the “wild card picks”. With the introduction of the “wild card” came two black women who were voted into what then became the top 13!

It seems that the new line up of judges, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, also noticed this glaring omission because two of the three people that they voted back into the competition turned out to be black women.

No one could have been more shocked than Ashthon Jones who was the first black woman that the judges voted to put back into the competition. She was then followed by a highly emotional Naima Adedapo, also a black woman, who was also voted back into the competition. The third person to be added back into the competition was a much deserving young man, Stephano Langone.

With the top 13 now selected, American Idol’s season 10 is set to be a wild and exciting addition to Wednesday and Thursday night’s prime-time line-up.

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Tyra Banks is back with America’s Next Top Model

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

America’s Next Top Model is back this week and I’m excited to see what Tyra Banks has up her sleeve. What I love about ANTM is that it offers ordinary young women an opportunity to pursue their dreams of becoming super models.

Another reason why I love ANTM is that every season, among the young women who compete for the modeling contract, there is usually at least one who is “full figured”. This one small addition shows Tyra’s responsibility. She does not only select extremely slim women which indirectly suggests that beauty only exists in that shape and size.

So, Tyra Banks, thank you for making young women’s dreams come true and thank you for showing us, through your show, that beauty not only comes in different colors, but also in different shapes and sizes!

Tyler Perry seems to think Assault is funny

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Tyler Perry seems to think Assault is funny

Posted by Nomalanga on January 02, 2011

So after many, many trips to several Redbox locations and not finding the latest Tyler Perry play on DVD, “Madea’s Big Happy Family” (2010), I finally found it and watched it this weekend. As is to be expected of Tyler Perry’s comedies, it delivered a large dose of hearty, roll on the floor laughter. What I am concerned about though, is that intertwined in the laughs in this funny and highly entertaining play, was one very serious and ultimately very sobering issue-physical assault. In a couple of scenes in the play, Madea physically assaulted two people and then, even more disturbing than that, was a scene where “Monroe”  performed a beautiful rendition of Teddy Pendergrass’ “Turn off the lights” and made believe that he was choking a woman while he sang to her. The play audience responded with a loud roaring of laughter to this scene. To be honest, I was laughing myself, when I first saw it and only realized how offensive it was after the fact.

Now, I feel it necessary to mention that I love Tyler Perry and I have a lot of respect for him as a person, based on the positive things he has accomplished through his plays and movies as well as through his philanthropic projects and most recently what he has done to shed some light on a topic that most men had historically shied away from-the molesting of young men by other men and by women as well. I do however feel it is necessary to speak up about his constant insinuation, depicted in his plays and movies, that assault is funny and is an acceptable way of handling an annoying situation such as a nagging woman, a misbehaving adolescent or a “trifling” woman.

In this particular play “Madea’s Big Happy Family” (2010), there is a young man, “Byron”, dating a young lady who is depicted as a “gold digger”. This young lady encourages 22 year “Byron” to sell drugs so he can make enough money to maintain her lavish tastes. As if that were not enough, she is also rude and dismissive. By the time the play is close to the end, when Madea chokes her, it almost seems justified! Just to be clear, IT IS NOT! Assault of any kind is not, has never been and will never be justifiable or acceptable! This same line of thinking is also depicted in Tyler Perry’s “The Family That Preys” (2008). In this particular movie, Andrea, played by Sanaa Lathan, is cheating on her husband with her employer and constantly belittles and disrespects her husband. She also has a three year old son who she constantly neglects and instead chooses to run off to meet her secret lover. She is also extremely rude and arrogant and once again, towards the end of the movie, when he punches her and knocks her over the counter, it almost seems justified. Again, just to be clear, IT IS NOT!

Anytime a person exhibits behavior we deem unacceptable, there are always other ways of handling the situation. There is always the option to let them know that their behavior is unacceptable and if this does not correct the situation, another option is to remove oneself from the situation. I fully recognize that sometimes this is not an easy course of action and when you add the anger element, it may even seem impossible! What I know for sure though, is that being a success in life requires us to hold ourselves to a higher standard. Sometimes, it takes more courage to walk away from an escalating situation than to engage in one.

In the past, I have let my anger lead me to places that I now know are as far from success as heaven is from hell! Today, I am committed to success and to a higher standard of conduct.  I always choose to remove myself from an escalating situation rather than engage in it and I encourage you to do the same. As for Mr. Perry, I’m not suggesting that he shouldn’t shed light on violence through his movies and plays; what I am suggesting is that he should do so responsibly.