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Nomalanga: A Love Affair with President Obama

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Ever since President Obama announced his support for same-sex “marriage”, there have been some very passionate debates and some very intense dialogue. In short, people’s emotions have been stirred and elevated.

The problem with getting emotional is, much like in love affairs, we can become irrational and cease to think clearly. Many black men and women have had a “love affair” with President Obama. He was the sweet talking, breathtakingly handsome man that we women love to swoon over. He said the right things and made so many promises. He smelled good and looked good and just when we thought he could not get any better, he sang to us. “I’m so in love with you…”

The problem now, is that a lot of black people have strong religious convictions and President Obama devastated them with the news that he was supporting same-sex “marriage”. How could he do this to “us?” Well, the truth is simple, he is just showing us who he is and many are unable to accept it.

Personally, I have chosen not to engage in the same-sex marriage debate or dialogue, simply because it is not my fight. It is not my lane. That being said, what I have observed about it is that it has caused a lot of black people to be angry at President Obama. A lot of black people are angry because they feel like he betrayed them.

If people can stop being emotional and start thinking for a minute, they will realize that this is very much like a love affair that has reached another phase. The first phase is the “honeymoon phase” where women cannot see a man for who he is but instead, see him for what they want him to be. Now we are on to the phase of disillusion.

If black people were a young woman sitting in my office asking for my advice, my advice would be very simple:
1. Look at the relationship holistically-What I mean is that if he never changed, could you still see a future with him? For Black people, the questions is: “If President Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage never changed, would that mean he loses your vote?” Also, you must look at what else he brings to the table. Do his shortcomings outweigh his capabilities or vice- versa?

2. Now that you have been disillusioned, what else do you see? – In the case of President Obama, the rumblings that I have heard for a long time have been that he says he cares about Black people but he has never really boldly stepped out and taken action that was specifically intended to benefit Black people. Again, what else do you see?

3. Accept it-Now that “he” has shown you what he is capable of, accept it. Don’t complain about it. Accept it.

4. Make a decision-Now that you see him for who he is and you have seen what he is capable of, make a decision. You don’t have to leave him and you don’t have to stay with him. You just have to be clear about what you’re getting if you stay and if you leave, understand that the next one could be the same or worse. That is the risk that you take if you leave. The third alternative is to leave and then find something better. Something better may not be immediately available or recognizable. You may have to wait a while.

In the end, as with most love affairs, some people will continue to stay in the situation but still complain. Others will stay and refuse to see the writing on the wall and some will accept him for who he is and stay with him because they see more good than bad in him. Others will leave and go “support” a man (or woman) who better meets their needs. Others will leave physically but will continue to think and talk about him until the day they die. What are you going to do?

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Mindful Mornings: Do Black people complain too much?

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about President Obama supposedly chastising black people for complaining too much and it got me thinking about an experience I had not too long ago.

Recently, I was standing outside of another faculty member’s office, at the college, engaged in a conversation with two colleagues who are both “African American”. The colleague whose office I was standing by was a “white” male who then stepped out of his office, locked it and then walked away. A few minutes later he comes back and then as he is unlocking his office he apologizes to me for locking his office and insists that he normally locks his office and is not locking it because I’m “black”. He goes on to tell me that he hopes that I’m not offended that he locked his office. My response was “No, not at all.”

Now, I have to admit, I found the whole experience very weird! I then began to think: Do “black” people complain so much that now we have “white” people walking on eggshells and hoping that they don’t do or say anything that may be construed as racist? Was the President right to, so called, chastise “black” people for complaining? Let me know what you think.

Can President Barack Obama get re-elected? Maybe if Christians pray for him…

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Lately, many have been pondering whether or not President Barack Obama stands a chance at winning the elections once again and running “the world” for another four years and I have to admit, I have been asking myself the same question. One of the readers of the Successful Black woman blog reached out to me and suggested that maybe the Black community could stand to unify in our support for the President, especially the Christians among us.

Although I do not identify myself as a “Christian” , I am a praying woman so I understand the perspective of this particular reader even though I do not necessarily agree with her entirely. Below is an open letter from the reader, Ms. Jenkins, to the African-American Christian community and its leadership. Agree or disagree, your comments are welcome.

AN OPEN LETTER:Why Are African American Church Leaders So Silent on President Obama? …Can you at least PRAY?… By F. S. “Harvey’s Daughter” Jenkins

Why is there such a deafening silence amongst the national African-American Christian community and its leadership, regarding open prayerful support of President Barack Obama? I know that the Christian community in general has pet peeve issues they boldly and loudly
protest, such as rights for gays, abortion, etc. Yet, they seem less disturbed by homelessness, sexual and spousal abuse, the huge wealth gap, and moral indiscretions amongst their own Christian brethren and leadership. Despite any political disagreements, where is the spiritual
maturity that would allow them to agree to disagree, but still display love rather than what comes off as either aloofness, mean-spiritedness, and/or childish resentment? Why are these leaders.

African American Christian leaders—not boldly, publicly unified in prayer on behalf of our beleaguered, overwhelmed President—praying that he make wise decisions so that we may all live peaceably? After all, that is a command of the Holy Bible, which they claim is their guide.
If they are opposed to President Barack Obama’s decisions and politics, where is the spiritual maturity that would allow them to get beyond that, stand on higher ground and at least PRAY?! Do they honestly believe that “prayer changes things”? They always say they do. They
preach it on Sundays. Yet, there seems to be an overt and shameless spirit of disrespect, disregard, cowardice, hatefulness, and animosity; yes, even amongst many of the Black brethren.They are shameless, too, in their public name-calling of President Obama. I’ve heard him called the Anti-Christ, weak, a pawn, a hater of his own people, and his American citizenship is openly (and baselessly) challenged. When have you heard these accusations placed upon any other U.S.President? Along with their white Christian counterparts, the Black Christian leaders were clearly in unison and prayerfully, actively in support of former President George W. Bush. Most of the Christian networks and television shows were unequivocally bold in support of their “man of God,” George W. Black church leadership followed right along. In justification of their support, I heard them say often, “The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders. I love my President.” (The previous President they so loved is the same one whose debris President Obama must now contend with and clean up.) Sadly, I’ve not heard that en-mass vigorous, loving, active support for President Barack Obama. What could be the reasons? I have my personal thoughts as to why the difference—but only the Christian leadership
individually, and God specifically, really know the reasons.

Among my personal thoughts, however, are words like these: Fear. Among those fears are prejudicial/racial fears as well as fear of policies that would affect their bottom line. So, where is the faith that is supposed to under-gird people who profess Christianity? From the looks of it all, they are all running scared. Scared of changes, scared of what they believe to be the unknown. And, on the other hand, scared to go public in support of a man they may privately support and who needs their prayerful support—yet fearful of being ostracized or fearful of being looked upon as too liberal. Others fear that by publicly supporting this President, they will be accused of supporting him simply because he is Black. (Perhaps, if they really think about it, they may come to understand that some of their White Christian brethren are not supporting him simply because he is Black.)

So when did African-American Church leaders become too afraid to act on something of importance. Something as foundational to their faith as praying—like publicly suggesting we should PRAY for our President! There was a time in our nation’s history when, no matter about the diverse, eroding, yes even hateful voices of the masses, the Black Christian Church leadership let their voices be heard. Not only were their voices lifted in support of a rightful direction, but so were their actions. If they were in disagreement with policies that affected them, their community, or their country, they prayed as an organized unit–and action and change followed. Whether they marched, sat-in, boycotted, or protested in other ways. Always they moved as a unit. Always they moved in the spirit of the truth they said they believed in—supported by their faith. And always, they began with prayer. Segregation. The War in Vietnam. The African American clergy met the major issues of our nation and world first with unashamed prayer sessions. If I weren’t such an optimist, I would think these African-American Christian leaders want to see President Barack Obama fail overall. Just like some of the willfully ignorant, hateful, racially biased, anti-Obama detractors do. How can you, African-American Christian leaders, sit by and watch what’s happening to your President, and NOT unite together to let him know you are praying for him, for his health, for God’s wisdom in making best decisions in the midst of a presidency overrun with trouble? Never in the history of this country has any President ever been bombarded nonstop with such simultaneous serious issues to handle. Yet, while in the grips of such awesome challenges, he is continually being criticized on every front. There are many people inside and outside of the government, who, sadly, want him to fail. And they are willing to see this country fail, fall, and be destroyed rather than see President Obama have even the smallest victories, let alone succeed as a President. Why? We all know why, whether we say it publicly or not. Let me be one of the first: it’s because he is African American. He’s Black, and many in this country, including so called Christians, hate to be under the leadership of this brilliant man of color. We know this is a color-crazed country, with a history of racial prejudice–and now the world knows it. So much is said regarding the President’s faith. Christians along with others denounce him—claiming he’s not a Christian; though he says he is. Suppose someone told you that you weren’t a Christian—because you did something that did not line up with what others say is Christian. Some people may say you are not a Christian if you smoke, gossip, get divorced, drink, fornicate, lie, curse, wallow in wealth and don’t help the poor, use drugs, abuse your child or spouse, and explode with temper tantrums. How many Christians even in our pulpits do these things—consistently? Unfortunately, some people pick and choose which is the worst sin—based on what THEY decide. And the Christian community has made it known that homosexuality is the greater sin—thus serving notice to the President that his decisions regarding the gay community means he is NOT a Christian—therefore an enemy of the Christian faith. But, what does the leader of the faith—Jesus Christ—say about all of that? Would He advise you to discontinue loving and praying for someone you believe is out of order, or someone YOU decide is not consistently following the tenets of the faith? If so, you probably wouldn’t love and pray for anyone, including yourself.

With all that said, AMERICA’s success and progress, and the world’s peace, is dependent upon wise decisions. What President Barack Obama decides affects the entire world. Where are the voices of hope and support, rather than criticism and malignment? Where are the
Christian voices that relay God’s love? Where are the voices that say, “In spite of everything, we love you and we will pray—because we believe prayer changes things!” I say to you, Christians and leaders of the faith, you are missing a great opportunity. You are negligent in your duties. You are defying a biblical command—IF you are not praying
privately – and publicly in prayerful support for your leader, President Barack Obama. Be as vocal in your love as you are in your criticism. Don’t be afraid—just do the right thing!