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“Who run the world (girls)” by Beyonce is a turn off

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Beyonce’s new single “Who run the world (girls)” is the biggest turn off I have seen Beyonce release since destiny’s Child released “can you pay my bills”.

Let me be clear; I’m not “hating” on Beyonce. In fact, I actually like Beyonce. I find her to be a very beautiful and talented young woman. What I love about Beyonce is her humility in spite of her wealth and fame. That being said, I have to speak out against her new single “Who Run The world (Girls)”.

Let’s read between the lines here-if girls (presumably, black girls) “run the world”, where are the black boys? Let me guess; jail, drugs and the down low-right? Why can we not see that this is a time when we should be affirming and uplifting the boys and the men in the black community? Yes, black women are strong and independent but that is not a reason to now sing about running the world. Why can we not support each other (men and women) and recognize that we work best when we work together. We are different because each gender brings something to the table that the other does not.

So, my darling Beyonce, I really appreciated it when you told young women to tell brothers to “put a ring on it”. This showed that you encouraged us to ask brothers to step up to the plate and make honest women out of us rather than turn us into “hit and run” victims. I even liked it when you told us that you could see the beauty and divine magnificence in your man by singing “I can see your halo”. With this last single, “Who run the world (girls)”, I’m afraid you lost me. I don’t want to run the world with a bunch of other women. I want men and women to unite and then maybe we can talk about running the world.