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Motherhood: This One Factor Can Affect Your Child Forever

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

baby n momExperienced parents will give you all the advice in the world on how to raise your child in the best way possible and how to be a positive influence on them for life. One thing that many parents commonly miss in their list of ways to be a better parent however is sensitivity. It is too bad too because this is one of the absolutely best things that you can do that will impact your child in a positive way for the rest of their lives.

It can be frustrating being a parent and can be very hard at times. Sometimes we tend to take out our frustrations when we display emotions to our children. A new study out of Minnesota called the Minnesota Longitudinal Study of Risk and Adaptation has shown that sensitivity towards your child when they are very young will help them incredibly when they are older. They collected data from 243 different children who were infants and toddlers. During their first 42 months of life they got together with the mother four times to watch how the mother and child interacted during feeding times and play times.

Once the children were older and in school their teachers submitted evaluations on how well they played with their peers and interacted with other people. They also reported the children’s standardized test score results. After the children were grown and were in their 20s and 30s the researchers followed up with questions about their educational records and their relationships.

What the researchers found was that the children that had parents who were more sensitive to their needs had better relationships later in life as well as better academic progress. They ended up with romantic relationships that were stable and happy. They did well in social settings and had high marks on tests.

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How Randi Zuckerberg Juggles Marriage, Motherhood and Money-Making

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

Randi Zuckerberg, former marketing director of Facebook Inc and now children's author.Most people know Randi Zuckerberg as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s sister but she is a force to be reckoned with in her own right. The Harvard graduate is the front for a cover band, is an Emmy-nominated TV producer and contributor and is also the founder of her own media company. As if that was not enough, Zuckerberg is also a mother of two. caught up with the busy career woman to find out how she balances all the hats she wears. The interview is below:

Entrepreneur: You recently welcomed a second child to your family. Congratulations! What apps and tech do you lean on two make your life a little easier?
We’re new to this whole “having two kids” thing, so I’d say we’re definitely still figuring it out. The baby is so much easier this time around, but the combination of the two? Chaos!

Luckily, behind every great parent are a whole bunch of great apps and gadgets. A few of our favorites include: Nest thermostat (so we can keep our room perfectly chilled, while also keeping the nursery toasty warm and manage it all from our phones), DropCam (to check in on the little guy during nap time), Dropbox and Evernote to store important documents and to-do lists (baby brain is a real thing!), my Swash laundry device (so I can “refresh” that blazer that just got baby spit up on it, before rushing out the door to host my SiriusXM radio show), the Rock-a-bye Baby channel on Pandora (you haven’t lived until you’ve heard a lullaby rendition of Metallica), PayPal to manage all the expenses going in and out (babies are expensive!), and the Timehop app so we can compare Simi to what Asher looked like at his age — an instant smile every day!

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What to do now to “hit the ground running” in 2015

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Career LadderBy Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

Whether you’re working at your dream job or a dead end job, you’re a full time work-at-home-mother or you own your own business, your career is a major part of your life.

As a Life Balancing expert for women who struggle to balance Marriage, Motherhood and Money-Making™ I get a lot of questions surrounding the “money-making” part. Even if we love what we do, some part of most of our careers is about making money so it is important to take time to plan and formulate a strategy to elevate our careers.

Below are five things you can do now to “hit the ground running” in 2015:

1. Vision – Get clear about what exactly you want to accomplish. Ask yourself where you see yourself three to five years from now.

2. Goals – Once you have clarified what you want your future to look like, set some SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound). Make sure that the goals you set will cause you to stretch yourself a little; go beyond your comfort zone. That is how you grow. Make sure that you write your goals down.

3. Plans – Once you have written your goals down, create an action plan. What actions will you take on a daily basis to get you closer to accomplishing your goals? Write that down too.

4. Prioritize – Although all your goals are likely to be very important to you, the reality is that some are more important than others. Make sure that as you write down your goals and action steps, you put them in the order of importance.

5. Company and Accountability – This last part can be a little tricky because as human beings, we get attached to people but sometimes we don’t make good decisions about the company we keep. Take time to write down a list of the people who have affected your life and been closest to you in 2014. This is the hard part: you have to make a conscious decision to reduce contact with those that have affected you negatively and held you back from moving forward in a positive way. You must also make a conscious decision to increase contact with the people who will keep you accountable and will be a positive influence on your life.

2014 is not over yet, use your last few days to go through that list and “hit the ground running” in 2015. See you on the other side!

Nomalanga is a Life Balance Expert. Her speaking and coaching programs help busy women who struggle to balance Marriage, Motherhood and Money-Making™.  Nomalanga is an experienced instructor, author and avid blogger.

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Money-Making: How To Go From Dead Broke to 6 Figures in 6 Months

Friday, December 19th, 2014

6 figuresAs entrepreneurs we know life is often a roller coaster with lots of uncertainty and chaos. When you’re in the struggle, it’s tough to see a clear path to success, but it’s crucial to let your vision guide you, not your current circumstances. You must embrace those challenges, because that’s where your hunger for a better life is developed.

Nobody wants to be broke, and nobody wants to struggle, but it’s part of the process. It’s asking the right questions, and taking the right action while in the struggle, that can change everything. When I was in my toughest spot I was dead broke but six months later I was earning a six figure income. What it took to make the change is available to everyone.

Absolute clarity. 

It’s easy to make decisions once you determine what your real values are.

Reflecting back on the lowest points of my life, I’ve realized I didn’t take responsibility for anything. I was playing the victim role. I was blaming the economy, my company, lack of resources and my location. I soon realized my focus was jaded and what I needed to change was myself. The moment I got clear on that, my life shifted from complexity to simplicity.

Clarity is the ultimate power, and if you want results you’ve never had you need to get 100 percent clear on what you want. Only when you take full responsibility for your current reality can you change it. Minimalism is a great way to run your business, and a great way to run your life. Get rid of the messes and noise in your head and figure out who you are, what you want and what you must give up to get there.

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One Word That Can Relieve You of Stress and Anxiety

Monday, December 8th, 2014

stressedBy Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

Many women who are on the never ending journey of creating balance in their lives often complain that they are overwhelmed and feel a lot of stress and anxiety because “there never seems to be enough time to do everything”.

I often laugh and say, “Of course you’re going to be overwhelmed if you try to do everything!” The key to reducing stress and anxiety is to learn to say “no”. Now, opting out of things has to be done very mindfully and strategically in order for it to to work. Saying “no” randomly and arbitrarily often leads to guilt and shame which are just as bad as stress and anxiety. Think about it; you say “no” because you’re too overwhelmed and stressed but you still end up with another set of negative feelings; guilt and shame.

Below are three keys to use so that when you say that one word, no, it is a quality “no” devoid of negativity, guilt and shame. If you use the keys below, you can begin to say “no” from a place of confidence.

1. Plan – It is a good idea to plan as much as you can. Plan your professional and personal life s much as you can and follow your plan. You don’t have to be rigid about your plan(s) but it gives you a sense of order and clarity about what you’re doing. If you put your priorities in a plan, it becomes easier to opt-out (say “no”) to things that are not moving you towards your goals.

2. Organize – Your plan should be some kind of list of things you want to get done. Re-write your list in order of priority. Make a habit of creating order in your life, taking your priorities into consideration. Create systems that work for you and your loved ones and tweak them accordingly. When you plan and organize, you tend to be more firm when pushing back at things that will create disorder and chaos. You’ve put in the work to plan your day, (or week, or month) and you deserve the peace that comes with it.

3. Schedule – Make a daily/weekly schedule and make sure that your priorities are the first things on the schedule. Scheduling is an excellent tool because it clarifies what you’re doing and when and has the added benefit of making it clear when you have taken on a lot or too much. A quick glance at your schedule makes it easier to get to the right answer (No) much more quickly and confidently.

Another key thing to remember is that just because something seems urgent, it does not mean it is important. If it was not on your list of priorities and was not planned and scheduled, then you should probably turn it down.


Nomalanga is a Life Balance Expert. Her speaking and coaching programs help busy women who struggle to balance Marriage, Motherhood and Money-Making™. Nomalanga is an experienced instructor, author and avid blogger.

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The Secret Ingredient That Makes Marriage a Delicious Cake or a Big Flop

Friday, December 5th, 2014

delicious cakeBy Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

I was baking and had the thought that when you bake a cake, there is always a possibility that it can turn out delicious or it can be a big flop. As a Life Balance Expert, when talking to different women about how they balance their lives, marriage tends to make up a large part of the conversation.

I genuinely believe that if you’re going to be a successful Mocha Mogul – an Entrepreneur woman who successfully balances marriage, motherhood and moneymaking™ you have to make sure your marriage is not a big flop. If it is, it is unlikely that you will achieve your goal of having life balance.

Much like when baking a cake, in order to make sure it is not a big flop, you must start out with the basic ingredients, like flour, eggs and sugar. How much sugar you add depends on how sweet you and those who will eat the cake like it. Marriage is the same in that there are some key ingredients, like both partners being fully committed, being loving and kind to one another and being intimate.

The mistake that many women make is that they start “baking” without actually taking the time to consider what kind of “cake” they want and then complain that it is a big flop! The best advice I ever got about marriage was that, in any given marriage, the experts are always the two people in the marriage. Many people run out to buy books, read articles and even attend seminars about marriage and relationships and miss the biggest step which is asking your spouse what they want – that is the secret ingredient! The secret ingredient changes based on who you ask and if you’re in a marriage, the best source for that key ingredient is your spouse. Just ask.

You see, for a person who likes their cake extra sweet, a perfectly lovely cake with a moderate amount of sugar may seem delicious to most people but to them, it may not taste delicious because it is not sweet enough. Even if you had the best chef prepare the cake, without that critical piece of information, the cake could still be a flop for that one person with the extra sweet tooth.

A wise woman knows that in order to have a “delicious” marriage that both her and her husband enjoy, she must first know what the basic ingredients are. Then she must know how “sweet” she likes it and how “sweet” her man likes it and most importantly, she must make sure her man knows her secret ingredient and she knows his. If the cake still isn’t as delicious as they both hoped it would be, they shouldn’t be afraid to read a book about baking or to even call a master pastry chef who has been baking for a long time and can give some insight on how to produce a delicious cake. In marriage, this translates to reading a book about marriage and getting counseling from an expert or someone who has a lot of experience in marriage.

At the end of the day, as long as you have the basic ingredients and you mix in the secret ingredient, you can make a delicious cake. If however, you don’t take the time to make sure you have all the ingredients and you ignore each other’s preferences, you may have a big flop on your hands. The next time you feel like your cake or your marriage is not delicious, consider that you may have forgotten to add the secret ingredient.

What are the ingredients in your delicious marriage?

Nomalanga is a Life Balance Expert. Her speaking and coaching programs help busy women who struggle to balance Marriage, Motherhood and Money-Making™. Nomalanga is an experienced instructor, author and avid blogger.

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If You’re Not Doing This One Thing You’re A “Loser”

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Woman looking sidewaysBy Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

If you walked into a room full of people and said “All the losers put your hands up,” there is a good chance no one would put their hands up. This is because no one sets out to be a “loser”; it tends to happen by default. So, how does a person become a loser? The answer is simple: a person becomes a “loser” by not having a purpose.

If on Friday night, as I am thinking about what to do on Saturday morning, I decide that after a long and productive week I must rest, sleeping all morning is perfectly acceptable. If, on the other hand, I don’t even think about what I will accomplish on Saturday and then on Saturday, I sleep all morning, I am potentially a “loser”. Deciding to get some rest is purposeful action and my desired outcome is to restore my energy and feel rested and rejuvenated. Even though I technically did nothing, I have accomplished something; I rested. I made a decision and I followed through.

What makes you a “loser” is not planning, not having a purpose and not making a decision. A deliberate decision to do nothing is very different from just not doing anything because you feel apathetic about your life. The difference becomes even more glaring when action is required. The person who decides to rest, may then run some errands in the afternoon, which is what they had decided they would do that afternoon (after resting all morning). The apathetic person may continue to just do nothing and therefore continue to accomplish…nothing.

At a glance, the person with purpose and the one without it may appear the same but when you really look at them over a long period of time, the apathetic person will have a lot of “nothing” going on and the other person will be making progress and accomplishing their goals.  If you are not actively living on purpose, you’re losing in this game of life.

Set an intention for your day, everyday. Rest, relaxation and doing nothing are perfectly okay if that is your intention (ideally for a limited amount of time) but don’t spend your life watching things happen by default and then wonder why other people have the things you want but can’t seem to get. Don’t be a “loser”; live on purpose.

Nomalanga is a Life Balance Expert. Her programs help busy women who struggle to balance Marriage, Motherhood and Money-Making™. Nomalanga is an experienced instructor, author and avid blogger.

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Kelly Rowland on Marriage, Motherhood and Money-Making:”It’s About Finding Your Normal”

Monday, October 6th, 2014

elle-01-kelly-rowland-blogKelly Rowland surprised her fans by making a creative announcement via an Instrgram post that suggested that she was pregnant. The baby will be her and her new husband,  Tim Witherspoon’s first child. Since her announcement, the former Destiny’s child member has remained active and fit, showing women that fitness and exercise don’t have to come to a halt when a woman realizes she is pregnant.

The singing sensation sat down with to discuss balancing marriage, motherhood and moneymaking (career). Her interview is below:

Congratulations on your first child! What are you looking forward to the most about motherhood?

I can’t wait until he gets here. I just have a couple more weeks. I’m excited to bring a child into the world, and sharing that experience with my husband is probably the most beautiful part.

You’ve become quite a role model for staying fit during pregnancy. What tips would you give for other mothers who want to stay healthy and in shape while pregnant?

Everybody always tells you to go crazy with food, and you can eat whatever you want. It’s fine to have your cravings but I wanted an easier delivery. All the women that I’ve talked to, that have worked out, have such an easy and speedy delivery. Exercise really helps that. And I like being able to have peaceful sleep at night, though there’s no such thing as that now in the last trimester [laughs]. To be honest, I did modify my exercise routine a bit by just listening to my body. I would tell my trainer [Jeanette Jenkins] “This move doesn’t feel right,” and we’d modify it. I still walk two miles everyday. I still work out. It’s important to me.

Any cravings?

I love cherry pie and chocolate ice cream with peanut butter mixed in it. And I had a week straight where I was obsessed with nachos.

Your skin is glowing! What’s your pregnancy beauty regimen?

I’ve switched out anything with harsh chemicals. I use nothing but shea butter, pure cocoa butter and coconut oil. It’s amazing how all of those things work so well for my skin. I’m going to continue to just use those after the baby gets here.


Money Making: 5 Habits Of Millionaire Women

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

OWN-oprahA lot of women become millionaires because they inherited the millions from their parents and other family members or because they married millionaires and were left with large settlements that made them millionaires. There are women though who adopt a set of habits that take them from modest earnings to millionaire status.

Below, Amanda Rice, writing for a blog called “Lady Thrills” shares five habits of millionaire women:

Millionaire women habits #1
Place value on your time
Many women I meet in my everyday life tend to give most of their time to others, for fear of being considered “self-absorbed.” But if you want to achieve success in life, you need to make it clear to yourself and others that your time is valuable.

If you have a plan to open up your own business or hope to land a CEO position with a corporation, you need to devote your time to a plan. You need to spend some time focusing solely on where you want to go and how you plan to get there, complete with a timeline breakdown and expected achievements.

Keep in mind that it’s not going to be easy; you’re going to have to make many sacrifices along the way, and that includes putting relationships, and perhaps family, on hold.

Millionaire women habits #2
Take calculated risks

Life isn’t easy and making a boatload of money might not happen upon your first attempt, either. Risks are a necessary evil of potential moneymakers and, if you want to make money, you’re going to have spend some first.

Ani DiFranco, a famous singer and entertainer, started her own record label, Righteous Babes Records, at 18 years of age and with only $50 (she didn’t have much more than that to her name). Now, she’s a millionaire in her own right and she did it on her own terms (she could’ve signed a lucrative deal with a major record label but wanted to maintain her artistic freedom).

Before she jumped into her venture, however, she assembled a business plan and then took a calculated risk. And if you want to achieve such a level of success, you’ll need to take smart risks, otherwise you’ll never triumph.

Millionaire women habits #3
Don’t earn to spend
Many women I know don’t invest their money in anything… or even save it for that matter. While it’s okay to buy yourself the occasional little black dress , it’s more important to think about your long-term financial future.

Whether you start by putting $100 away every month or “investing” in a new business, you need to stop spending every penny you earn on items that don’t reap a profit.

Millionaire women habits #4
Know your market

No matter what you plan on doing, whether it’s create and sell a new line of high chairs for infants, open up a high-end furniture store or put out a Pilates magazine, you need to study your market and its surroundings ad nauseum.

Spend some time and money on researching your competition, potential locations, recent trends, customer preferences, and everything in between. If you want to be successful, you will have to spend some time living in what it is you want to do.

And don’t just explore your market; explore upcoming trends and try to apply them to your business model. Most millionaires agree that being ahead of the trend is better than being in it.

Millionaire women habits #5
Think big

Many women are afraid to think big because they’re always being told about how risky everything is. But you need to become more optimistic and confident in your abilities and what you can accomplish.

If someone tells you that you can’t do something, use that as ammunition to prove to yourself that you can. If you make a decision to start up a new business, invest in your invention or take the lead position of a company, go at it with full force and turn negative or skeptic energy into a positive practice.

Of course, this is not to imply that you should be ridiculous in your ideas, but exploring a possible countrywide expansion for a business that is presently booming in your city is a grand and phenomenal idea.


Money Making: 3 Unexpected Things That Your Credit Score Affects

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

credit scoreBy Liku Zelleke

A person’s credit scores say a lot about how “bankable” they are. It has become such a crucial gauge of whether or not they can be relied upon to settle their debts that everyone from landlords to car dealers turn to potential clients’ credit scores to make their decisions.

Once a credit history is ruined, it can take quite some time to fix it – if at all. So, apart from the obvious (inability to get loans and credit for consumables) what other effects does a bad credit score have on people’s lives?

Here are three major ones:


People looking to get a new job or even a promotion with a current employer should always try to keep a healthy credit history. Gone are the days when all it took to climb the professional ladder was a thick CV or an impressive track record.

In a 2012 survey by the Society for Human Resources Management, it was found that 47% of employers checked the credit history of the candidates they were seeking to hire. This step usually takes place immediately before a job offer is made. If things aren’t right in the credit department, then that job offer might never be extended as a healthy credit report is seen as a sign of responsibility and trustworthiness.

Owning a Home

The purchase of a home is considered to be an important step towards building long-term wealth. In order to take that step, a mortgage is required, which in turn raises the question of whether or not it can be supported by a good credit.

Credit history is analyzed along with income and employment histories, as part of a home loan application process. Usually, banks set their own credit standards but, on average, successful loans are given to people with scores of 620 and above. For excellent terms it should be in the 700′s.

Marriage Prospects

Yes, credit scores do matter in marriages. How? Well, in a 2014 study done by NerdWallet it was found that 53% of single adults were either “somewhat less likely” or “much less likely” to date someone who had bad credit scores.  According to the book, “Financial Lovemaking,” it makes perfect sense to avoid dating someone who has bad credit and poor money management skills.   The way a person manages their credit and financial situation may be indicative of their priorities or even their level of personal responsibility.  If they aren’t managing their financial health, are they managing their physical health?

Some people can get by with bad credit, but it makes you more vulnerable during financial emergencies or when you’re seeking to make major economic moves in your life.   Find out the credit score of anyone you think you may end up dating seriously or marrying.  You should know what you’re getting into.