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CNN anchor Don Lemon on The Gayle King Show

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

CNN anchor Don Lemon, who recently publicly announced he is gay was on the Gayle King Show today to chat about his new book, “Transparent” and why he decided to go public about being gay. Lemon told Gayle that his intention was not necessarily to “come out”, but just to be honest about who he was and that involved talking about being gay. Lemon also mentioned that he had not actually been “in the closet” because his close friends, family and co-workers knew he was gay.

My intention is not to get into a debate about what it means to be gay; whether it means he is going to burn in hell for his “sinful ways” (being gay) or whether people should understand that being gay is not a choice and gay people deserve the same love and respect as their heterosexual counterparts. What stood out to me was how open Don Lemon was about being homosexual and how he even mentioned that he had dated women and still found some women attractive.

What I find commendable is that Don Lemon is being open about his homosexuality instead of indulging in the common “down low” lifestyle where a man who is homosexual engages in a heterosexual relationship and then secretly has homosexual encounters. Being open about being homosexual takes a lot of courage especially for public figures such as Don Lemon, who himself said he was somewhat afraid of what “coming out” publicly would do to his career.

Regardless of what our religious convictions dictate we should feel about homosexuals, I still think that we can all appreciate that Mr. Lemon has displayed a level of integrity that even some religious leaders failed to attain. We may never know for sure what happened between Eddie Long and his accusers or why Creflo Dollar felt the need to come to his defense but what I know is Mr. Lemon was open, honest and forthright and that’s more than what can be said about “some religious leaders”.