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Wendy Williams on Dancing With the Stars

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Until recently, I had generally lost interest in the ABC channel show, “Dancing with the Stars” until I heard that Wendy Williams was going to be on it. The reason why Wendy Williams sparked my interest in the show is that while I don’t actually watch her show, I have had a few glimpses of it and her and each time I was mildly amused.

What I love about Wendy Williams is that she has a big and bubbly personality and she does not apologize for it. Every time I have seen her on television, I have loved her energy and enthusiasm, so last night when she was on Dancing with The stars, I was a little disappointed to see how timid she was.

Wendy Williams’ appearance on Dancing with the Stars reminded of one lesson that I have been learning and re-leaning; be who you are, no matter what. Trying and learning new things is a great way to grow and expand your influence and I have a lot of respect for Wendy because she is stepping out of the box and doing something that causes her discomfort. What I would encourage Wendy to do though, is to “bring Wendy” to every single performance.

This does not only apply to Wendy; it applies to all of us. It’s great to do new things and go new places but it’s important to always remember what people love about you and bring that to every new place and endeavor.

So, Wendy, next time, (assuming there will be one) please be the sassy, bold and audacious Wendy that we have come to love. If you do that, you’ll go a long way on Dancing with the Stars!