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Rihanna ‘s “Man down” video causes a stir

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Recently, the media has been buzzing about Rihanna’s video “Man down” in which she plays a character that is raped and then shoots her rapist in the head. In a telephone interview that I heard online, Rihanna defends her video by saying that she is using her music (and talents-my words) to bring attention to an issue that she feels needs more attention.

A lot of the uproar about the video is that many are saying it is too graphic for young children to watch and it is sending the wrong message to rape victims. My response to this argument is that Rihanna is not responsible for what small children are exposed to on television; parents are! If a parent feels that Rihanna’s video is too graphic for his or her children then the action to correct the problem needs to come from the parent, not Rihanna.

On the issue of what kind of message the video sends to rape victims, my thoughts are that a video is not going to make a woman who would otherwise not commit a murder go out and commit one. I do however think that watching that video may make a potential rapist think twice before he rapes a woman (or man). A lot of crimes are perpetrated by people who think they can get away with committing the crime and this video suggests that even if the law doesn’t get the rapist, the victim might!

Please note that I am not saying that it is justifiable for rape victims, or victims of any other crimes, to now take the law into their hands. What I’m saying is that I support what Rihanna is doing. She is shedding light on a very important issue, using the platform that she has and I think that that is commendable.