Rich People Who Backed Clinton’s Campaign Are Backing This Woman in 2020

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The big money political benefactors who provided a lion’s share of the cash needed to run Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign have their sights set on backing another woman in 2020.

According to The Observer, a New York City-based weekly newspaper, wealthy liberal campaign donors are squarely focused on Californa-based U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (pictured). Harris, 52, is a junior senator who was the elected Democrat that filled the U.S. Senate seat, which was formerly held by Barbara Boxer (D).

Boxer was a career politician who served in the U.S. Senate representing the state of California for almost a quarter of a century. Prior to winning Boxer’s senate seat, Harris served as the elected District Attorney of the City and County of San Francisco, California.

Harris also ascended to becoming elected as the 32nd Attorney General of the State of California. She had a reputation of being a tough prosecutor who revolutionized the punishment given to defendants who are found guilty of hate crimes. Harris is a biracial woman of Indian-American and Jamaican-American descent.

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Back To School Costs Are Now $1,500 – Can Poor Families Afford That?

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Fox News Carolina

Parents with school aged children spend the largest amounts of money during two periods throughout the year: Holiday season and back-to-school time.

A new report from an education-centered web publication called covers a research study, which offers sobering information about the rising cost of back-to-school expenses. This research study was recently conducted by the Huntington Bank of Ohio and the National Communities in Schools Program, a dropout prevention initiative.

This study is called “The Backpack Index” and it has been conducted annually for the past 11 years. According to the facts published in a report based on the most recent volume of The Backpack Index, the price of back to school spending has gotten high for even the middle to upper-middle class American families who have to work for a living.

“For one child, parents might be lucky if they can get away with spending less than $1,000. The average back-to-school costs are $661 for elementary students, $1,001 for middle schoolers, and $1,488 for high schoolers,” wrote Kate Stringer, a reporter, and producer for

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R. Kelly’s Alleged Captive Says She Wants To Stay With Him – “I’m not brainwashed”

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The internet exploded after BuzzFeed News broke a story on Monday (July 17th) about new $ex abuse accusations that the family members of some alleged victims made against veteran singer R. Kelly (pictured left).

Today, new headlines have emerged after one of the young women who is an alleged victim spoke exclusively with TMZ to deny that she is being held against her will as a member of Kelly’s so-called “$ex cult.”

The young woman who spoke with TMZ is 21-year-old Joycelyn Savage (pictured right). Savage first talked to TMZ in a video interview, which was published on the tabloid news source’s website Monday evening. “I’m 21 and I’m about to be 22 in five days,” Savage said in the video.

“I’m in a happy place in my life. I’m not being brainwashed or anything like that. You know, it just came to a point where it has definitely got out of hand. So I just want everybody to know – my parents and everybody in the world to know that I’m totally fine,” Savage continued.

Savage’s father and mother (who were previously unnamed by BuzzFeed News) are Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage. After sharing their story with BuzzFeed, the two of them held a press conference with another one of their daughters, as well as other family members.

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Tyler Perry Is Leaving Oprah’s OWN Network

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The storied business partnership between two of black America’s biggest and most wealthy entertainment moguls has unfortunately come to an end.

According to The Grio, Tyler Perry has finalized the cessation of his relationship with Oprah Winfrey’s OWN cable television network. Perry has signed a new long-term deal with Viacom, which will give him the opportunity to create television shows for Viacom-owned networks, such as BET.

Perry began his contractual relationship with OWN in October 2012. At the time, Winfrey had not too long ago started her television network. The outlet was in its infancy stage and was struggling with low ratings. Money was being lost and many speculators of the situation believed that OWN was in danger of folding.

However, when Perry came along with his arsenal of television shows, such as The Haves and the Have NotsFor Better or WorseThe Single Moms Club, and others, OWN was able to boast over some of the highest television ratings that the company had ever had.

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FL Teacher Calls Black Kids “Rats That Infest the Class”

Photo credits: WJAX-TV (CBS 47)

A teacher who works at a Jacksonville, Florida elementary school that is named after a prominent, historical black American figure is facing disciplinary action for what allegedly came out of her evil and racist mouth.

According to WJAX-TV, a local CBS News-affiliated media outlet based in Jacksonville, Jordan Cataldo (pictured), a teacher at Carter G. Woodson Elementary School might be out of a job. Cataldo reportedly said some terrible things as the previous school year was coming to a close this past May.

Carter G. Woodson Elementary School is a part of the Duval County public school district. Officials representing Duval County Public Schools launched an investigation of Cataldo’s acts and found that there was enough evidence to take action against her. However, punishment for Cataldo’s act will take place at a later date.

“[The Duval County public school district’s administrators will] take appropriate action [against Cataldo] in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement when school resumes for the 2017-2018 school year,” a spokesperson for Duval County Public Schools said in an official statement.

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Most Black Parents Say White Kids Are Increasingly Getting More Funding, Better Schools

Photo credits: The CW Channel 33, Dallas, TX

Equality’s worst enemies are not necessarily the perpetrators and collaborators who engineer institutionalized inequality. The most grave adversaries of equality are those who mass distribute the narrative that inequality does not exist.

When it comes to the human necessity of education, many U.S. states are very tolerant of their widespread funding inequalities. These monetary imbalances exist between predominantly white suburban public school districts and predominantly minority public school districts in urban areas within the borders of states inside every region.

In recent history, two well-coordinated organizations that are squarely focused on advocating for social justice conducted a poll, which was given to hundreds of black and Hispanic parents. All of these minority parents had children enrolled in the public school systems of two major U.S. cities.

he Leadership Conference Education Fund and the Anzalone Liszt Grove Research Firm are the entities that gave the poll, which produced data that contributed to a joint study. The report on the study findings was published by Education Week Magazine and is titled New Education Majority: Attitudes and Aspirations of Parents and Families of Color.

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25 Percent Of Black Kids In Chicago Are At A School Rated “failing”

Photo credits: The Chicago Tribune

The major U.S. city of Chicago, Illinois gives all people in America an accurate example of what is the root cause of violence, economic destruction, and other forms of depravity that are affecting the nation’s black youths.

On Monday (July 10th). the Chicago Sun-Times offered a report, which was based on the recently published study findings of an education advocacy group called New Schools for Chicago. This organization is led by Executive Director Daniel Anello. The New Schools for Chicago study found some very sobering facts about education inequality.

A report based on the study is titled Who Is Sitting In Those Seats? Schools Matter: The Students Most Affected By Chicago’s Lowest Performing Schools. This report  was made available to the public on Monday as well. According to the New Schools for Chicago report, race plays a key factor in the education inequalities of the city’s school system.

Approximately 25 percent of all the black students who are enrolled in Chicago’s public schools are attending institutions that have been given substandard ratings by the state. “There’s still a lot of kids not getting the education they deserve,” Anello said in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper.

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Excellent HS Graduation Rates At Mostly Black Schools Spark State Fraud Investigation

Photo credits: Prince George’s County Public Schools/Twitter

This past academic year, high school graduation rates in the 90 to 99 percent range have occurred in bunches within the predominantly black public school district of Prince George’s County, Maryland.

However, four members of the Prince George’s County public school board are not convinced that the academic success achieved by the district’s predominantly black students is valid. Late last month, the Washington Post reported that Larry Hogan, Maryland’s Republican governor, has heeded to demands to launch a full-scale fraud investigation.

The four school board members who were suspicious of the high graduation rates in the Prince George’s County public school district believe that the success was attained as a result of “widespread systemic corruption.” The four members are a minority faction of the 14-member Prince George’s County public school board.

In their letter, the four board members allege that the graduation fraud has been going on since 2014.

“Whistle-blowers at almost ­every level in [Prince George’s County Public Schools] have clear and convincing evidence that PGCPS has graduated hundreds of students who did not meet the Maryland State Department of Education graduation requirements,” they wrote.

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More Money Woes For Mary J. Blige; Bank Claims She Owes $2 Million

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If an unfair court order involving financial obligations to her ex-husband was  not enough, new money problems have also arrived into the life of singer and songwriter Mary J. Blige (pictured).

According to The Jasmine Brand celebrity news blog, Blige, 46, is hot water with Signature Bank, a commercial lending institution based in Chicago, Illinois. The financial amount at the center of the dispute between Blige and Signature Bank is very close to $2 million dollars.

Late last month, Signature Bank reopened a default case against Blige and filed documents stating that the Grammy Award-winning artist stopped making monthly payments of $20,000 per month on a $2.2 million dollar loan, which was taken out around seven years ago.

Signature Bank has requested that a court hears its case in order to reach an immediate settlement for the $1,973,253 dollar amount that is in question. In 2012, the bank sued Blige and her ex-husband Kendu Isaacs after the couple allegedly refused to make arrangements to repay the loan.

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TX Judge Accused of Prostitution, Drug Use, and $exting

By Victor Trammell

When black people (especially black women) are appointed or elected to judicial positions within the criminal justice system, such achievements are often met with high amounts of praise.

Blacks who end up unfortunate enough to deal with the courts as defendants in criminal cases always have the cards stacked against them. This is even the case when the offenses they get charged with are relatively minor in nature. With black judges on the bench, black defendants are given a chance to inherit a sense of cultural relativism during proceedings.

Unfortunately, a black woman in Houston, Texas who was fortunate enough to gain the privilege of serving her community as a Harris County district court judge has betrayed her title. This case of scandal is ridden with stories of indecent $exual innuendo, drug abuse, and other deviant forms of gross misconduct.

According to a local news source called the Houston Press, Judge Hilary Green (pictured) has been suspended by the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct. This past Friday (July 7th), the Texas Supreme Court authorized an order to suspend Green upon finding substantive reasons to do so after observing the State Commission’s evidence.

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