Fourth Grade Girl Goes Viral After Sharing Facebook Video About Racist Bullies

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Facebook

A girl who just completed her fourth grade year at an elementary school in Bellevue, Washington has become an internet sensation after posting her own video on Facebook.

According to KIRO Channel 7, a local CBS News-affiliated media source based in Seattle, Washington, Nasir Andrews, (pictured) brought a great deal of attention to the racist bullying she endured at her school this past year. In her video, which has now gone viral, Andrews, 9, holds up cue cards to the camera with some sad messages on them.

“I was a happy kid until I started school,” read some of the cards. “Kids began to bully me. [I was] threatened to do the classwork of a peer or get beat up,” the cards went on to read. Andrews is a student at Ardmore Elementary School in the Bellevue public school district (USD 405).

Andrews also was called racist names by a number of students at her predominantly white school. “A student called me ‘Nutella’ and I told my after school teacher and she said it wasn’t racist and she made me write the definition of racist,” Andrews told KIRO 7 in an exclusive interview last week.

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Study Shows Black and Asian Kids Like to Read More Than White Kids

By Victor Trammell

The recently published results from a British study group called the National Literacy Trust have revealed that children in two ethnic groups enjoy consuming literature more than children of one particular ethnicity.

According to the Telegraph, a national British newspaper, the National Literacy Trust recently released results from a survey the organization conducted in 2016. The survey concluded that black and Asian children enjoy reading more than white children do.  The National Literacy Trust conducts this survey on children annually.

“Twenty-five percent of white children involved in the survey of 42,406 pupils aged eight to 18 said that they ‘very much’ enjoy reading, compared to 27.8 percent of black respondents and 28.2 percent of Asian children,” read a Telegraph report on the survey’s findings.

“At the other end of the enjoyment spectrum, a higher number of white children reported that they liked reading ‘not at all’ with 9 percent giving that answer compared to 6.7 percent of black children and 5.3 percent of Asian children,” the report went on to read.

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Skin Cancer Survivor Tells Black Women: “It Can Happen To Us Too”

By Victor Trammell

Black people often believe the big misconception that skin cancer does not affect people of color. However, this commonly accepted myth is far from the truth.

Not only does skin cancer occur in black people, the five-year survival rate for the disease is only 69 percent for blacks compared to 93 percent for whites, according to

“Squamous cell carcinomas in blacks tend to be more aggressive and are associated with a 20-40 percent risk of spreading,” read a blog post on Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common form of skin cancer.

Jacqueline Smith (pictured) is a skin cancer survivor who was profiled by Radio/Interactive One’s In her exclusive interview with the website, Smith talked about her skin cancer diagnosis, which she first received at the young age of 22.

“I had this lump in my bikini line that wouldn’t go away. I went to the doctor at school and was told that it wasn’t a big deal and that it was probably an ingrown hair. One doctor told me that I just had an inflamed lymph node and that if it wasn’t bothering me then I shouldn’t bother it,” Smith told Hello Beautiful.

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Look What Former FLOTUS Michelle Obama Is Doing With Her Close Friends

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Instagram/Getty Images

As the former U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama, 53, was a major advocate of personal fitness for children when she led the Let’s Move! government program, which was organized to prevent diseases like Type 2 Diabetes in children by helping them become more physically active.

Not only was Mrs. Obama the face and major name behind the Let’s Move! initiative, she led by example in her own personal life as well. She was and still is an avid personal fitness buff who regularly engages in exercise activities.

She also has the bodacious figure to prove that she continues to work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This past weekend, the former First Lady hosted an all-lady fitness boot camp, which she put together for a number of her close friends.

Mrs. Obama posted pictures from her private boot camp on Instagram. The photos featured the former First Lady doing an array of exercises and showcasing her well-toned biceps. She also wrote a message below the photos that talked about the history of her boot camp events while in the White House and after.

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His Mother Was Killed In Charleston Church Shooting, Now He’s Going To The MLB

By Victor Trammell

The son of a woman who was killed in the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting has accomplished his lifelong dream almost two years after dealing with such a tragic loss at the hands of a lone white supremacist gunman.

The Grio reported on Monday (June 19th) that Chris Singleton (pictured left), the son of the late Sharonda Coleman-Singleton (pictured right) has been drafted by the Chicago Cubs MLB franchise. Singleton has been playing baseball for most of his life. His mother worked as a high school athletics coach and had a great deal of influence on him.

Singleton graduated from South Carolina’s Goose Creek High School and got accepted into Charleston Southern University on a baseball scholarship. He had three standout years as a center fielder while being a member of Charleston Southern University men’s college baseball team.

In his final year as a junior, he started in all 51 scheduled games for his ball club. He was among one of the nation’s top leaders in assists and stole 18 bases in his most previous season. After having such an amazing season, Singleton was a ripe candidate for a major league debut as a pro.

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This Homeschool Father Once Ran For State Board of Education and Won!

By Victor Trammell

You have two kinds of people in the world. There are those who follow the trends of their peers and there are others who set trends by blazing their own trail.

When it comes to the exclusive club of elected administrators in the conventional education system, there is a limited pool of human capital that usually becomes qualified enough to serve their local or state Board of Trustees. Most of the candidates who ascend to such educational leadership positions have similar backgrounds.

They have served as public school principals, charter school co-founders, and others have worked as attorneys representing the school districts of their locality. However, homeschool educators, for the most part, are deemed unqualified to assume leadership roles within the framework of the conventional education system.

Those odds did not stop the determination of a Texas-based homeschool father, pastor, and pharmacist from achieving the unthinkable. Dr. Richard Watson (pictured) was homeschooling his children and working as a full-time pharmacist in 1983 when a member of the Texas State Board of Education suggested he run for a seat on that same elected body.

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Black Woman Raises $7.2M In 3 Days For Her Tech Start-Up

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits:

A young black woman based in Atlanta, Georgia achieved an absolutely remarkable feat on her path toward establishing her own company, which specializes in the electronic storage of medical data.

Chrissa McFarlane (pictured) is the founder and CEO of Patientory, a corporation that is the provider of a refined healthcare app. The Patientory app helps facilitate the safe storage and private transformation of digitally-formed medical records.

On her LinkedIn page, McFarlane describes herself, her profession, and the past experience she has gained toward becoming a successful CEO.

“[I am an] entrepreneur with a passion for creating cutting-edge healthcare products that transform the face of healthcare delivery in the US and abroad. I have exceptional leadership, planning and organizational skills enhanced by prior endeavors,” reads McFarlane’s LinkedIn bio.

McFarlane’s company was started with a lucrative, seven-figure Blockchain token sale. Blockchain is a major global software platform for digital assets. Crowdfunding is a vital part of the Blockchain business model.

At the young age of 27, McFarlane raised $7.2 million in funding in just three days to launch Patientory. According to, McFarlane organized an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which attracted over 1,700 investors.

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Did You Know That Gospel Singer Yolanda Adams Is Also A Business Mogul?

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits:

Yolanda Adams (pictured) is one of America’s most successful gospel singers from the standpoint of SoundScan saturation, as well as critical acclaim.

Adams, 55, has sold over 12 million gospel albums in the U.S. and the world combined. The “How Great Art Thou” performer has also won four Grammy Awards, as well as four Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association.

The Houston, Texas native has also collaborated with other highly-decorated musicians in gospel, as well as different music genres. Her “Yolanda Adams Morning Show” on AM radio is highly successful and can be heard on almost 40 different radio stations.

However, in a very recent interview with Black Enterprise Magazine, Adams talked more about her lesser-known abilities as a very well-established entrepreneur. She explained that her spirit as a business person was deeply instilled in her by her father.

Adams own a company called Simply Yolanda, which is a sales conduit for her variety of personally branded products, such as blended coffees, body washes, and other beauty essentials. She embodied a valuable lesson from her father when she first started her business two years ago.

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Beyoncé Gives Birth to Twins; Gender of the Babies Still Unknown

By Victor Trammell

Singer and megastar Beyoncé (pictured) has finally given birth after revealing her pregnancy with twins via Instagram in February of this year.

An unnamed source reportedly close Beyoncé and her mogul husband Jay Z told CNN that the happy couple welcomed twin babies to their family over this weekend. However, in true Jayoncé fashion, the identity of the twin newborns is still being kept a mystery, according to the unnamed source.

Starting late Saturday night (June 17th), loved ones who are well-known to Beyoncé and Jay Z starting posting celebratory statements on social media, which confirmed the birth of the twins. Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father, was one of the people who made social media announcements about the exciting news.

“They’re here! #beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday,” Mr. Knowles wrote in a Twitter post. His posting also displayed photo with balloons and a note that read: “Happy Birthday to the twins! Love, Granddad.”

Beyoncé’s social media activity has been non-existent for the past two weeks, which raised further speculation about the birth of her twins. Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z are very much private about the more personal details of their family lives.

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Initiative in D.C. School Teaches Black Boys Businesses Building Skills In Trump Era

By Victor Trammell

An elementary school in the nation’s capital has a special program in its curriculum, which instills entrepreneurship skills in young boys and teaches them how to navigate those skills in the new Republican Trump-led era.

Black Enterprise Magazine recently profiled The Boys Institute (TBI), a business building initiative that was launched at  Scholars Stanton Elementary School, which is located in Washington D.C.’s southeastern district. The D.C. Public School System is the primary sponsor of the TBI  initiative.

However, the preliminary startup capital for the TBI initiative was provided by 30 black men who donated money. The black boys enrolled in the TBI initiative are referred to as Kings. The founders of the TBI initiative are firm believers that pride and dignity for black boys start with how they address one another.

All TBI Kings take part in a kidpreneur program, which they eventually graduate from. The program’s principals believe that the public school system does not go far enough to teach its school children the fundamentals of business building and financial literacy, which are important benchmarks of American life and career success.

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