Mindful Mornings: Do Black people complain too much?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about President Obama supposedly chastising black people for complaining too much and it got me thinking about an experience I had not too long ago.

Recently, I was standing outside of another faculty member’s office, at the college, engaged in a conversation with two colleagues who are both “African American”. The colleague whose office I was standing by was a “white” male who then stepped out of his office, locked it and then walked away. A few minutes later he comes back and then as he is unlocking his office he apologizes to me for locking his office and insists that he normally locks his office and is not locking it because I’m “black”. He goes on to tell me that he hopes that I’m not offended that he locked his office. My response was “No, not at all.”

Now, I have to admit, I found the whole experience very weird! I then began to think: Do “black” people complain so much that now we have “white” people walking on eggshells and hoping that they don’t do or say anything that may be construed as racist? Was the President right to, so called, chastise “black” people for complaining? Let me know what you think.

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5 Responses to “Mindful Mornings: Do Black people complain too much?”

  1. Avery Namonkre says:

    I was among the many who were disappointed that President Barack Obama did not nominate an African American woman to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

    • hope estrada says:

      black people are the only race that complain as if they were the only race in the world that were slaves and discriminated on.They will never be free until they stop feeling sorry for themselves.period end of story.

  2. MissMeWithTheBullsh** says:

    Black people have walked on egg shells in front of YT for centuries, so now they’re supposed to care that whites feel self conscious for being prejudice? LMAO… First off, all Black people don’t complain, so why is this an article?

  3. MissMeWithTheBullsh** says:

    So Blacks are just supposed to not say anything while white society continues to act as if they caused their own mistreatment and differences in economics compared to their oppressors? You sound stupid. This is what’s wrong with you Latinos and other minorities. You don’t mind YT treating you like trash and for some reason seem to think that you’re better, but you’re not. Further, you’d rather throw blacks under the bus and use them to get rights for yourselves. FOH

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