Whoopi Goldberg says Satoshi Kanazawa should not be fired for saying Black Women are unattractive

Today on The View it was announced that Satoshi Kanazawa, in addition to being fired by Psychology Today, has been asked to resign from the London School of Economics. I believe that this sends a strong message that we who have dual roles as both scholars and bloggers should never try to pass off our opinions as facts that have been backed up by research. I believe that Satoshi Kanazawa is entitled to express his opinions as to what kind of women he finds attractive or unattractive but I believe that when he tried to pass off his opinion as facts, and associated the “research” that he did with a world renowned Educational Institution (The London school of Economics) he crossed the line.

Whoopi Goldberg, on the other hand stated today, on The View, that she does not believe that he should have been fired. Being a comedian, she felt that sometimes she said things, while performing, that offended certain groups of people but she did not think that was grounds for being fired. My response to Whoopi is simple; we do not hold comedians to the standard that we hold people who are employed at respectable educational institutions!

Satoshi Kanazawa had the responsibility to add new knowledge to an existing body of knowledge-this is what research is. He failed…miserably!

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  1. erika says:

    Well just like I Think Japanese,Chinese,Asian Man are unattractive to me so everyone got there likes and don’t likes

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