This HBCU Just Made The List Of Highest Producers Of Physicists In The Country

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This year, a Louisiana-based HBCU made history over the high amount of black undergraduates who finish school with a degree in physics.

According to the Associated Press, Dillard University (an historically black higher education institution located in New Orleans, Louisiana) is head and shoulders over larger schools when it comes to cranking out physics experts. This story is very amazing considering the small size of the student population at Dillard University, which has an enrollment of 1200.

What happened in New Orleans at Dillard this past academic year is comparable to the biblical story of David and Goliath. With just one small stone and a slingshot, a young David, the future king of the Israelites, slayed Goliath, a feared, physically strong, and well-armed Philistine warlord who reportedly stood over 10 feet tall.

With an endowment of just $58 million, Dillard University was neck and neck with North Carolina A&T State University on the  American Institute of Physics’ top 10 list of colleges and universities across America with the highest amounts of successful physics undergraduates. North Carolina A&T State University is just about 10 times larger than Dillard.

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