Rap Mogul “Uncle Luke” Says Miami Heat NBA Team Does Nothing For Local Black Kids In Sports

Photo credits: Associated Press/Alan Diaz

The Floridian municipality of Miami-Dade County is synonymous with the NBA’s Heat franchise, the MLB’s Marlins franchise, and the NFL’s Dolphins franchise.

The Southeast coastal region of Florida is also synonymous with a bounce-heavy style of hip-hop music, which still influences the more modern sonic Southern rap sounds of other places, such as New Orleans, Louisiana and Atlanta, Georgia. One of the early pioneers of this urban music sound bed was Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell (pictured).

Campbell, 56, is a veteran hip-hop impresario who was a founding member and leader of the highly controversial, yet legendary Miami-based rap group 2 Live Crew. Campbell is also an established song producer with a highly-valued music publishing catalog. He has also enjoyed slivers of fame as an actor in a number of motion pictures.

However, more importantly, Campbell is a steward and strong social advocate for Miami’s underprivileged and forgotten black youth population. He is particularly active in coordinating youth sports initiatives in the inner-city.

The music mogul used social media to announce in 2014 that he was a defensive coordinator for the Miami Norland Senior High School football team. Campbell also is using another one of his hats as a newspaper columnist for the Miami New Times to advocate for black children who are athletes.

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