TX Judge Accused of Prostitution, Drug Use, and $exting

By Victor Trammell

When black people (especially black women) are appointed or elected to judicial positions within the criminal justice system, such achievements are often met with high amounts of praise.

Blacks who end up unfortunate enough to deal with the courts as defendants in criminal cases always have the cards stacked against them. This is even the case when the offenses they get charged with are relatively minor in nature. With black judges on the bench, black defendants are given a chance to inherit a sense of cultural relativism during proceedings.

Unfortunately, a black woman in Houston, Texas who was fortunate enough to gain the privilege of serving her community as a Harris County district court judge has betrayed her title. This case of scandal is ridden with stories of indecent $exual innuendo, drug abuse, and other deviant forms of gross misconduct.

According to a local news source called the Houston Press, Judge Hilary Green (pictured) has been suspended by the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct. This past Friday (July 7th), the Texas Supreme Court authorized an order to suspend Green upon finding substantive reasons to do so after observing the State Commission’s evidence.

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