Facebook Allows Cyber Abuse of Black Kids, Protects White Men

By Victor Trammell

A nonprofit, independent organization, which specializes in professional investigative journalism just published a midweek report that exposed Facebook as a typical, white male-dominated, and publicly traded company with a passion for institutionalizing racism and sexism.

According to ProPublica.org, Facebook’s censorship apparatus has been creating an argosy of regulations that are designed to identify and eliminate the use of hateful speech on the company’s platform. However, a mother lode of leaked documents revealed that Facebook’s censors are concerned with prioritizing a favored demographic.

Facebook’s censorship apparatus developed algorithms, which are used to help discern between what is ethically sound political or social expression and genuine hate mongering. These algorithms are conduits for developing new protections that Facebook users can utilize to shield themselves from cyber abuse.

The problem is that a quiz taken by Facebook’s censors during this process showed that female motorists and black children are not focal points for these new protections. ProPublica’s June 28th report goes into great detail to describe the biased and intricate reasoning that Facebook’s censors apply in order to implement their supremacist agenda.

Read more of this report here at TheBlackHomeSchool.com.


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