Study Shows Black and Asian Kids Like to Read More Than White Kids

By Victor Trammell

The recently published results from a British study group called the National Literacy Trust have revealed that children in two ethnic groups enjoy consuming literature more than children of one particular ethnicity.

According to the Telegraph, a national British newspaper, the National Literacy Trust recently released results from a survey the organization conducted in 2016. The survey concluded that black and Asian children enjoy reading more than white children do.  The National Literacy Trust conducts this survey on children annually.

“Twenty-five percent of white children involved in the survey of 42,406 pupils aged eight to 18 said that they ‘very much’ enjoy reading, compared to 27.8 percent of black respondents and 28.2 percent of Asian children,” read a Telegraph report on the survey’s findings.

“At the other end of the enjoyment spectrum, a higher number of white children reported that they liked reading ‘not at all’ with 9 percent giving that answer compared to 6.7 percent of black children and 5.3 percent of Asian children,” the report went on to read.

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