Black Texas Middle School Girl Called An “Ape” & “Slave” By Racist Bullies; Her Father Says The School Did Nothing

By Victor Trammell

A middle school located in Georgetown, Texas is under heavy scrutiny after a 12-year-old black girl who attends the school claimed that she was constantly bullied by racist students without the district doing anything about it.

According to a very recent report by the Austin-American Statesman newspaper, a written report by officials at James N. Tippit Middle School says that the unnamed girl was called an “ape” by one of her fellow students. In another incident that happened this past March, a female student called the girl her slave and pretended to beat her with a whip, according to the school’s report.

The girl’s father is a man named Robert Ranco. Ranco is a civil rights attorney who works in Round Rock, Texas. He told The Statesman that his daughter has been a victim of racist bullying at her school for quite some time. Ranco also said that officials at Tippit Middle School and the Georgetown public school district have done nothing about it.

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