This Charter School Treats Traumatized Kids By Never Punishing Them

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: NOLA College Prep/Twitter

An elementary charter school in New Orleans, Louisiana has a different approach when it comes to providing discipline for students who have dealt with traumatizing situations throughout their short lives.

Generally, charter schools all across the country are known as hardline education institutions that are tough on students who exhibit poor behavior. However, Crocker College Preparatory School, a primary charter school in New Orleans takes the adverse personal life experiences of children into consideration before taking corrective measures.

Crocker has two social workers who are present and on duty in the school every day. This is a necessary human resource for the school to have due to many of the out-of-school problems that Crocker’s students are dealing with. In 2013, the Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies released a study, which proved that nearly 40 percent of the children in New Orleans are living in dire poverty.

Violence also still plagues many of the neighborhoods in post-Katrina New Orleans. These type of issues are definite causes of trauma for school-aged children.

“Lack of social and economic resources, exposure to violence, poverty, and living in unstable neighborhoods can cause anxiety and toxic stress for any population, but the brunt of negative effects is borne by children.,” the study’s authors wrote.

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