Marriage: Why Fatherless Girls Grow Up & Struggle In Love & Marriage

couple-arguingA lot of men and women often find themsleves struggling to make their relationships and marriages work and do not know why. For many, it is often because they did not have a role model in the home who they could refer to when they were unsure of the best course of action.

Ro Elori Cutno, an expert in culture and languages and how they relate to marriage, shares why a woman who has grown up wthout a father and has not healed that imbalance will stuggle to maintain a relationship with a man. Below is a recent post she shared on socila media:

When a woman grows up without a father at home, everything she learns about men is a complete misunderstanding! I need y’all to know. Women from single parent homes don’t know:
1. That all humans don’t think or feel like women, and that men are actually human.
2. That living among other women teaches you to be the opposite of what men can live with.
3. What masculine respect is.
4. That if you disrespect a man, the relationship is permanently ruined.
5. That most men are good.
6. That men need extreme peace.
7. That men are extremely different from women.
8. That respecting a man will bring women joy.
9. That masculine communication is everything else, then verbal last.
10. That charming a man is usually safe.
11. That some men will never look at you sexually.
12. That sweetness isn’t optional.
13. That parents should be before children.
14. That men are territorial & covet their wives.
15. That protection is often wrongly seen as control.
16. That men are naturally self preserving (selfish).
17. That boys are supposed to become men.
18. That men are needed.
19. That children need fathers as much as they need a mother, and more sometimes.
20. That men will tell you do to do something, not ask and that is okay and normal.
21. That you don’t get to tell men how to be men.
22. That men mark their territory like dogs with sounds and by taking up lots of physical space.
23. That men are all playful.
24. That men will keep clothing that is falling apart unless the wife replaces it.
25. That men actually do not love “independent women”.
26. That serving a healthy man is not degrading.
27. That men actually do have feelings.
28. That men try to diffuse a situation before overreacting.
29. That men care about how you feel, but their first response will always be logical.
30. That men don’t have to earn your respect.
31. That men need appreciation but won’t usually ask for it.
32. That just talking doesn’t make men feel better usually.
33. That men communicate and teach directly.
34. That normal men do gross things.

You can find out more about Ro, her Wife School and purchase her book, “Man Leads…” at RootsOfRoyals. Com.

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