8 Year Old Built Baking Business To Buy His Mom a House

jalenJalen Bailey, 8, and his mother live together in a small rental house in Fresno, California. Jalen has much bigger dreams than this small home however. He became an entrepreneur at a young age with one simple goal in mind…a house for his mother. It all started in preschool when he was helping his mother during the holidays while she was making sweet potato pie to make some money. He began forming ideas about other baked goods that he could make to give to people and soon his passion took off.

Seeing how engaged Jalen was with baking his mother, Sharhonda Mahan, decided that it was time for him to learn about business. He went to a program made just for kids that showed them how to manage money, manage a business, market themselves, and reach a specific target audience that they were looking for. He flew through the course and even got a business license through the state so he could begin selling his delicious baked goods to others. Now Jalen and his mother are sending out orders every day to their loyal customers.

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