Marriage: Writer Says Husbands Must Stop Obeying Their Wives recently published an article about this issue titled Stop Obeying Your Wife: 4 Important Clues in Discerning Your Wife’s Preferences. Heath Wiggins, the article’s author put this painstaking subject in a light-hearted way, which pointed out how communication plays big a part in balancing a marriage’s power structure between man and woman.

“Don’t get me wrong; I’m not talking about ‘obeying’ in an authority/submissive manner. But in a ‘Honey, I gotta work late…can you make dinner tonight’ kinda way,”‘ Wiggins wrote.

Adulthood is all about doing what’s expected of you without being asked to do it the way a child has to be asked. The four clues of discernment Wiggins talks about vividly point out how a husband is to assert his role in the marriage without becoming a lame pushover living under the thumb of his wife.

The first clue of discernment Wiggins talks about deals with how a husband assesses the fears his wife may have. He writes:

“For example, is she afraid your young child might play with a small and potentially dangerous object left laying around the house? If so, you should always know to pick up the objects whenever you see them on the floor.Learn what your wife’s biggest fears are…if you don’t know already. From them, discern what her preferences are based on her need to avoid them.”(

Another clue of discernment Wiggins discusses in the article is the principle of Time vs. Money vs. Quality. He classifies this clue as being very significant. Wiggins goes on to write…

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