You Can Run Your Business on $100 a Month – Here’s How

working-from-homeIf you’re a solopreneur, you can easily skirt overhead costs that make running a business so damn expensive.

In this $100-a-month scenario, you’ll have to work from your home office or a local coffee shop, and this obviously leaves out supplies if you sell a consumer product (as opposed to, say, consulting). But using these easy and cheap tools, you can effectively run your business on a tight budget.

Website: $16/per month
The number-one turn-off for me as a consumer is a poorly designed, ill-maintained website. If you want something clean and easy to update, you really can’t go wrong with Squarespace. For $16 a month, you get unlimited pages, galleries, storage, bandwidth, and fully integrated e-commerce that sells up to 20 products. It’s also intuitive and easy to use, so you can edit and build your site without having any real tech savvy.

You will also have to pay for your domain, which should run you about $10 for the first year. Chump change.

Accounting software: Free
While there’s no shortage of excellent and affordable accounting software out there, Wave is 100 percent free. You’ll have access to unlimited accounting, invoicing, and receipt management tools, and you can upgrade for more advanced features.

Legal services: $23.99/month
From simply starting up your business to protecting your intellectual property, it’s a good idea to have a lawyer on hand. For less than 25 bucks a month, LegalZoom will give you a bevy of legal services to cover all aspects of running your business.

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