Self Care: Angela Bassett’s Secret to Looking Ageless at 55 and Beyond

Angela bassetActress Angela Bassett is beyond 55 years old but if you were too look at her, you would not know it! She is healthy and is toned. She has a great attitude about life and still has a fantastic career as she currently has a role in the hit show American Horror Story: Coven. During an interview she revealed how she has managed to keep time from slowing her down.

Bassett has 7 year old twins. That right there is enough to keep any mother busy and moving all of the time! When asked how she likes to get rid of stress, she stated that she just liked to enjoy life and embrace everything that she has. She says that there is no way to avoid the stress of having to work and maintaining a healthy and happy family but at the end of the day you need to be able to know how to put all of that stress away.

To keep her figure lean and trim Bassett tries to stay away from sweets and eat healthy foods. She says that if she does have something that isn’t necessarily the best thing for her diet she will have something that is really good for her to so that she can counteract it. She also likes to eat raw foods because you can have huge portions since there is nothing processed in them and they are nothing but healthy.

When it comes to her ageless skin, Bassett says that she has facials and uses serums. She said that an oxygen facial was excellent and really helped her skin without the use of any harsh chemicals.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with looking 55, so Angela looks her age and she is still beautiful!

    Let’s rebalance our view so that everyone looks forward to their
    “Elder-hood”, where we have lived and learned and are not able to pass on this valuable information.
    Everyone is an Elder to someone and we all need to ‘grow’ comfortable taking on this role.

    It would stop a lot of foolishness, ex. excessive plastic surgery, toxic enhancements and crazy dieting…

  2. *Now* able to pass on our wisdom…

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