Woman Buys Cheap Bus, Uses It As Rent-free Office, Online Business

Finance barWhen Marsha Barnes drives her bus and parks it in front of a building she isn’t there to dispense food; she’s there to give financial advice. But, she doesn’t deny that she got the concept of her innovative business idea from the food truck industry that was booming in her hometown – Charlotte, North Carolina.

“The mobile factor allows me to serve the community in many ways. I am also able to work with clients that don’t have access to computers or laptops,” she said.

The Finance Bar is her financial office and it is the first mobile literacy hub of its sort. The bus rolls around Charlotte dispensing advice to any of its citizens who are trying to make better financial decisions. They can also take part in face-to-face group engagements, seminars or go online to take courses that have been personalized for women, couples and young adults.

Barnes was wise enough to realize that by buying a bus for $3,500, and putting in another $20,000 into renovating it, she could save on rent which averaged around $2,000 a month.

Now, apart from being a consultant, Barnes considers herself to also be an adviser who helps people with basic financial problems. She says she got the passion for her job from her family who had sensible financial habits.

Her parents weren’t too concerned when they were laid off from their jobs of over 20 years. They had made wise financial decisions all their lives with measures like skipping call-waiting on their phone service and only buying items from sales racks.

Barnes says that losing their jobs only ended up being “more of an inconvenience to them, rather than an emergency.”

She has now expanded her business with The Finance Bar: Expense Manager, an app that helps people manage their finances as well as giving members access to monthly money sessions.

She also has an online community and for just $10 a month, members get virtual sessions, workbooks, access to online forums and the ability to meet like-minded individuals.

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  1. ghani says:

    Nice idea it is refreshing to see someone have a new effective idea and implement it

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    Cool idea !!!! Smart move !!!!!

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