LOVE and Marriage

This past weekend, I went to a bridal shower and had a blast! As usual, through some of the speeches I shed a tear as I listened to the love, hope and sheer joy of the bride-to-be and her family. Every time I go to a wedding or bridal shower, heck-any happy event, I weep because I am overcome by the emotions that surround the event. I love being s part of the atmosphere of love, joy and hope!

I’ve always loved weddings and until recently, I could not understand why. What I now know, is that a wedding is a celebration of a new beginning; a new family unit. At a wedding, there is so much joy and hope. Everyone knows that the journey that the bride and groom are about to embark on, although full of joy and excitement, will at times be difficulty and even seemingly impossible. Even though we know that things may get difficult, at weddings we choose to focus on the beauty, the hope, the love and the joy.

So I was thinking this morning, a wedding is a great example of how we should approach a new day, week, month or anything, really. Yes, we can recognize that there is a possibility of hardship and challenges along the way, but why not shift our focus to what is positively possible? Why not look for opportunities to smile, laugh and celebrate every little victory?

So often I hear people say that I seem a little naive or gullible because I am “too optimistic” at times. To that I say this: make today a wedding day.


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