Wendy Williams: Women Are the Losers in Marriage

wendy and hubbyBy: Serena Crawford

Wendy Williams has a lot going for her. She has a clothing line, she owns a wig business, she is a TV host, and she has been married for 17 years now. She has worked hard to get where she is but she says that she, like any other woman who gets married, has had to sacrifice. She stated that women are the ones that lose out when they get married because they give up so much. This is not to say that men don’t sacrifice some of their favorite things in life when they settle down, but Williams breaks it down to show why women are the ones who sacrifice more.

Many women these days are putting off getting married and having a family because they want to focus on their career. They know that once they start to get into married life their career may end up taking a backseat. Most men are thrilled with the idea that they have a working woman in their lives and are more than happy to let her keep her career going, until it is time to start a family that is. Once you become a mother everything changes. Williams says that her advice to young women everywhere is to work as hard as you can in your 20s and really focus on you and your career. She says even if you find the right man, wait to settle down because you will end up losing out.

The way Williams views it is that when women get married they end up conceding to more things than men do. Women are usually the ones that have to pack up and move to their man’s house. Women are the ones that have to put their careers on hold while they are in the late stages of pregnancy and after the birth of their child. Women are the ones who hardly get any semblance of a normal life after they have settled down. Priorities change and there is nothing wrong with that at all but the differences between the way men’s lives change and the way the woman’s life changes are very apparent according to Williams.

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3 Responses to “Wendy Williams: Women Are the Losers in Marriage”

  1. Willena says:

    I guess this is the reason why Wendy often says on her show “that marriage is not for everyone.”

    If she is equating “a normal life” with being single that’s what happens after marriage and a family.

    She brings up some good points and gives food for thought for women who still want to get married.

  2. momofthesixties says:

    She is right, even when a woman retires, there is still work for her to do, cleaning, cooking, washing dishes & clothes things most men don’t do when married, I think we become their maids, mothers and lady of the night all in one. If I had to do it over again, after 44 years of marriage, the single life would be for me.

  3. CREAM says:

    Men just don’t get married, then there’s no problem. Men your best bet is to marry a woman that’s not western or just go MGTOW, problem solved.

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