Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Breaks Silence, Says He’s Abused Her For Years


Tyrese Gibson and his now ex-wife Norma Mitchell have had a very heated and very public divorce. Mitchell has decided to come forward and speak up against the accusations that her former husband has been making. One of the most recent claims is that she was trying to keep their 7 year old daughter in Israel with her so that Tyrese couldn’t see her anymore.

Mitchell has family in Israel and she wanted to visit them since her grandmother was too old to travel anymore. She said they usually make a yearly trip. While she was over there Gibson began making claims that she was not intending to bring their daughter back and that she was trying to get full custody and keep her in Israel. Mitchell states that this is ridiculous for a few reasons. She said in an interview that she would never take her daughter away from her father and that even if she were going to she wouldn’t be keeping her in Israel. As part of their divorce agreement Gibson and Mitchell are not allowed to bring their child to a country that is not a part of The Hague Convention which is something that protects children from being kidnapped. Israel is covered under The Hague Convention so Mitchell says it is a pretty insane claim that he has made.

Mitchell wants to try and help other women who are in the same situation as she is. She stated that so many women are affected by emotional and mental abuse but either don’t realize that it is abuse or don’t know how to get away from it. She has been holding back her feelings on the situation for almost seven years and says she has had enough. She wants other women to know that there is help out there available if they are suffering from some kind of abuse whether it be physical, mental, or verbal. Mitchell also stated that at times in her marriage to Gibson there were periods of physical violence. Even to this day she is still enduring the verbal abuse from Gibson. He has done interviews where he has belittled her, accused her of trying to take their child, and even called her Satan at one point.

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  1. Sharon says:

    This is so sad because we are on the outside looking in at these type of situations not really knowing the real story but assume the one who has the status or the person who has the finances to give them the power in the marriage is the innocent one and that’s usually not the case and women fall victim of these types of marriages because they don’t want to give up the lifestyle but at some point you have to value yourself and move on from the marriage because no man or amounts of money should make you feel powerless to the point where you accept this form of abuse because you end up being emotionally damaged.

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