Tyra Banks to become a “baby mama”?

This past week, many news outlets have been reporting that while on CNN’s ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ show Tyra Banks hinted that she “may be” trying to have a baby soon. She then went on to say that there were no wedding bells ringing any time soon and when asked if marriage should come before the baby, she replied, “I don’t think it’s necessarily necessary.”

Now, generally, I have nothing but love for Tyra Banks but I’m disappointed by the way that she seems to be treating such serious issues so lightly! First of all, having a baby, if at all, is something that should be very well thought out and planned if you’re going to walk that path unmarried. Second of all, Tyra Banks should and probably does know that the statistics of unwed women having children in African American communities is alarming! These same statistics have been shown in study after study to have a correlation with a lot of the negative issues that people face in African American communities, such as the institutionalization of young black men and high pregnancy and high school dropout rates for young women.

I have said it before and I will say it again, women like Tyra Banks are role models and they have a responsibility to young women (and men) to hold themselves to a higher standard of conduct. Obviously Tyra has the right to make choices for herself that make sense for her but she has to do so in a responsible manner. Carelessly going on television and throwing words like “maybe” and “necessarily necessary” around while discussing issues as serious and sobering as marriage and having children fall way below the expectations that I had for Ms. Banks.

My appeal to Ms. Banks is simple: Be mindful of what you’re saying and doing. A lot of young women look up to you to set the standard for “model” (pun intended) behavior!

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2 Responses to “Tyra Banks to become a “baby mama”?”

  1. flo says:

    Well…true, these public personalities SHOULD be conscious of the effects they have on those who look up to them. However, and this is unfortunate–these people are people; not the true living GOD. We’re depending on them to do things that they can’t or that they don’t want to do! I feel sad that we continue to expect these “fallible” people to be good models for our kids. Clearly, they are not! And they are proving it every single day. They choose lifestyles and do things that are not good or right or positive. I’m sadder still, that young people can’t look to their mother or father, or some other effective family member or adult in their neighborhood to model their lives after. Tyra is a FASHION model — not a LIFE role model. We must face that. Everything that models do is not real–from the false smiles, to the false eyelashes and makeup. Their careers are based on falsehoods. Why would we want our children to follow that as a truth to live by? We don’t know who these folks really are, do we? Even when they come out of their “roles” we still don’t know them.
    The best thing to teach our kids to do is to discover the Model on the inside of them. The God-Model, on which they can base some life truths which will guarantee them an effective and joyful and successful life. I say stop it, stop it! Stop expecting Tyra and anyone else to do what we MUST do for our own children as good parents or adults who sincerely know and care for them– not rely on celebrities and others who simply need their egos polished, and who want our kids mainly for selfish reasons–their money or idol worship…
    I could say more–but I think I’ve made my point. –FJ

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