How Randi Zuckerberg Juggles Marriage, Motherhood and Money-Making

Randi Zuckerberg, former marketing director of Facebook Inc and now children's author.Most people know Randi Zuckerberg as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s sister but she is a force to be reckoned with in her own right. The Harvard graduate is the front for a cover band, is an Emmy-nominated TV producer and contributor and is also the founder of her own media company. As if that was not enough, Zuckerberg is also a mother of two. caught up with the busy career woman to find out how she balances all the hats she wears. The interview is below:

Entrepreneur: You recently welcomed a second child to your family. Congratulations! What apps and tech do you lean on two make your life a little easier?
We’re new to this whole “having two kids” thing, so I’d say we’re definitely still figuring it out. The baby is so much easier this time around, but the combination of the two? Chaos!

Luckily, behind every great parent are a whole bunch of great apps and gadgets. A few of our favorites include: Nest thermostat (so we can keep our room perfectly chilled, while also keeping the nursery toasty warm and manage it all from our phones), DropCam (to check in on the little guy during nap time), Dropbox and Evernote to store important documents and to-do lists (baby brain is a real thing!), my Swash laundry device (so I can “refresh” that blazer that just got baby spit up on it, before rushing out the door to host my SiriusXM radio show), the Rock-a-bye Baby channel on Pandora (you haven’t lived until you’ve heard a lullaby rendition of Metallica), PayPal to manage all the expenses going in and out (babies are expensive!), and the Timehop app so we can compare Simi to what Asher looked like at his age — an instant smile every day!

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