Marriage and Motherhood: Why Young Women Should “Marry Smart”

marry smartBy Dr. Boyce Watkins

The Princeton Mom (aka Susan Patton) doesn’t have much of an interest in being politically correct. But being politically correct is not as important as simply being correct, and that is what she is aiming to do.

Patton is the author of the book, “Marry Smart,” where she tells young women to seek out good husbands at the right time in their lives and to not make choices that lead to unhappiness. She says that there are times when feminism makes women feel bad about wanting simpler things in life, like a husband and children, and she is encouraging women to empower themselves to make the choices that are going to lead to fulfilling lives. In other words, she’s willing to admit that men and women are not the same, don’t want the same things and should not be pressured into seeking out the same things in life.

As the author of the book, “Financial Lovemaking,” I am regularly advocating for the idea that we should not allow our lives to happen by accident. I think Patton agrees, for she seems to argue that a woman who gets what she wants must be smart and strategic in her life plan and not just expect good things to happen by chance. In other words, don’t let your life happen by accident. You must always be proactive in your personal and professional investments.

Of course, extreme feminists aren’t interested in hearing much of what Patton has to say, and they attack her constantly. But the truth is that many of the tenants of extreme feminism seem to be built more on trying to win political battles than on finding happiness and building strong families. The notion of women and men having equal rights is a simple thing to agree on, but we’re getting to the point where the political vitriol has become flat out toxic.

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