Marriage: Tamar Braxton Has No Pre-nup But Says Women Need One

tamar-braxtonIt may be sad but it is true that marriages end much more frequently and much more quickly now than ever before. Our mothers and grandmothers lived during times when marriages generally lasted forever and those that didn’t at least lasted longer. Now, unfortunately, it has become common for women to start thinking about divorce even before they say “I do”. More and more women are demanding pre-nuptial agreements before they walk down the isle.

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Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert didn’t bother with a prenuptial agreement, but “The Real” talk-show host would advise most successful women to get one.

“People become unrecognizable when you’re going through a breakup. I remember my mother saying that my father became unrecognizable and this is a person that she’s been with since she was 15 years old,” Tamar said Monday on “The Real.”

The co-hosts were discussing Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s marital drama, and while she said she and Vince don’t have one, she understands why Mariah and Nick do.

“I think that when you have the kind of shiny, old coins that Mariah has—she has some old crinkled up 100 dollar bills that we ain’t seen in 30 years—you kinda have to protect yourself. Not saying that Nick is a guy-digger; he’s not a guy-digger at all…he’s not that kind of dude, but when you got the kinda wealth as Mariah, you kinda have to protect yourself.”

Unlike Mariah and Nick, Tamar said she and Vince built their empire together, just as she and her parents did.

“At the end of the day, my parents built what they have now together. I think I took that into my own marriage,” said Tamar.

Though she used her parents’ marriage a blueprint in some regard, Tamar said she and Vince have already vowed to never go down the road of divorce like Tamar’s mother and father did.

“Vincent and I, we don’t have a prenup because when we got married, we had a discussion and we discussed it. Divorce is not an option. So, that will always be the last, last, last, last of the resort,” she said.

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