Marriage: Celebrity Chefs Gina and Pat Neely Getting Divorced

neelysAfter almost two decades together popular southern food enthusiasts and celebrity chefs, Gina and Pat Neely are calling it quits on their marriage. Most people remember them as an up-beat, jolly couple who loved each other and loved sharing their delicious recipes with their viewers but now their marriage has come to an end.

According to a local Atlanta news outlet,

Gina Neely filed for divorce from her husband, Pat Neely, after nearly two decades of marriage. The complaint cites “irreconcilable differences.”

The celebrity chefs from Memphis gained national fame on Food Network’s “Down Home with the Neelys” cooking show.

The best-selling authors recently released a new book, “Back Home with the Neelys: Comfort Food from our Southern Kitchen to Yours.”

Last year, the couple closed their Memphis barbecue restaurant chain to pursue projects on the national level, including Gina Neely’s George Foreman Weight Loss Challenge, her new line of Green Giant foods and Pat Neely’s partnership with Family Dollar to show people how to food shop on a budget.

The Neelys still own a barbecue restaurant in New York City.

The couple released a joint statement:

“Today we announce that we are ending our marriage of 20 years for irreconcilable differences. This was a tough decision, but we believe it is the best decision for us. As parents of two beautiful adult daughters that we love dearly, we will continue to be involved in each other’s lives as parents and friends. Together we have built a strong brand as The Neely’s . Moving forward our focus will be on our individual brands and we are optimistic about our respective futures. We ask for your prayers as we go through this transition and honor our request for privacy at this time.”

Sources close to the couple say they love each another, but drifted apart.

They own four properties together, including some of the closed restaurants. The filing says if the two cannot come to an agreement on how to dissolve their holdings, the court would do it.

The court is now awaiting Pat Neely’s response.

Fans are expressing their sadness about the announcement on social media.


8 Responses to “Marriage: Celebrity Chefs Gina and Pat Neely Getting Divorced”

  1. pam says:

    This hurts my heart. I really pray that they reconsider their thoughts and keep being the Powerful Couples.


  3. cynna says:

    I wish them both well,but they are not chefs, they are cooks

  4. momofthesixties says:

    Wow! truly hate this, ate at their place in Memphis a few years back and enjoyed the food while we were there on vacation. Marriage is hard and as you age it becomes harder, you must work hard, find new ways to entertain each other but with their business’ going separate ways can also hurt a marriage, be blessed both of you.

  5. Cynthia says:

    Very, very, sad. What in the hell did he do? Yeah, we know.

  6. VNR says:

    Marriage is not for the long haul anymore. This is just really said

  7. Glory Mosby says:

    Unfortunately, situations like this arise when both parties who are very successful allow business to take precedence unintentionally & then all of a sudden, you have a stranger in your bed because the business is so important to keep the family going that taking time to actually work on each other & spend quality time together takes a back seat!! I’m very sorry for the Neelys’ situation & I pray that it all works out for them in the long run!!! :*

  8. toyabg says:

    She just stayed with him till the kids got big. I do believe Mr.Neally is [email protected] I’d bet money on it.

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