10 Naughty Little Things You Don’t Know About Tamera Mowry-Housley

tameraTamera Mowry-Housleyis an amazing woman who makes balancing marriage, motherhood and money making look easy. Tamera who is well known from her sitcom days as one half of the twins Tia and Tamera is an accomplished actress, businesswoman and also a co-host of the talk show The Talk.

Since her Sister, Sister sitcom days, along with her sister, she has become a wife and mother and have started their own business, Need Brands. The company was created to support mothers and their babies through top-of-the-line, edgy and wholesome products, including the recently released “Stretchy!,” an all natural moisturizing cream to fight stretch marks.

Below is a list of 10 awesome and little-known facts about the bubbly host, compiled by the team at her talk show, The Real:

1. Kim Kardashian is my biggest celebrity hair crush.

2. My top three guilty pleasures are wine, chocolate, and cheese.

3. I’m a foodie! A good meal is my biggest fetish.

4. I think every woman should have a sexy pair of stilettos in her closet.

5. Flying an airplane was my all-time wildest moment.

6. Sade’s “Soldier of Love” is my theme song. A guy once called me an angel in armor, because to love the way I do, I have to protect myself or I’ll constantly be a victim.

7. There are downsides to being a hopeless romantic, and I know this firsthand.

8. The only person I’ve ever got in a catfight with is my twin sister. I won.

9. My biggest pet peeves are prejudice, entitlement and laziness.

10. I’ve been heartbroken many times, but I never gave up on love. I love love!


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  1. louis daye says:

    Tamara your my kind of people, keep up the (GOD) work.

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