Why Nubian Skin Lingerie Is A Very Big Deal For Black Women

Photo credit: http://blog.nubianskin.com/

Photo credit: http://blog.nubianskin.com/

At the end of a summer when unarmed black men seem to have become, increasingly, routine targets of law enforcement, it would be easy to overstate the significance of an advance for people of color in the world of fashion. But with the caveat that this obviously isn’t the most pressing news of the day, it still bears mentioning that the launch of a new apparel line reminds us that there are many different ways that we make incremental progress in society, and this time it appears to involve lingerie.

Yes, you read that right. I said lingerie.

It was recently announced that Nubian Skin is launching a line of lingerie that matches the wide range of skin tones of women of color. This may not seem like a big deal to everyone, but for millions of women of color, it is. Lingerie can be a lot like makeup, in that finding a brand that is both comfortable and complimentary is considered essential for the average woman but has long been tough to do for the average woman of color.

For years, major makeup brands didn’t make products that matched our skin tones. And inspired by the popularity of the Ebony Fashion Fair show, in 1973 the founders of Ebony magazine launched Fashion Fair Cosmetics, one of the first lines designed for and marketed to women of color. Similarly, supermodel-turned-supermogul Iman has acknowledged that part of the inspiration for her makeup line comes from the challenges she faced early in her modeling career to find products that matched her skin tone.

Yet even today, if you’re a black woman with a richer skin tone, finding suitable makeup choices remains a struggle. During my The Root interview with Yaba Blay on the subject of the cultural impact of Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, Blay said, “If Lupita gets signed by a L’Oréal or CoverGirl, I can finally look forward to some foundation that matches my skin color.” (Nyong’o has since been signed as a spokeswoman for Lancôme.)

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