“Side Hustles” To Help Transition You From Employee To Entrepreneur

Black-woman-in-a-meetingWe hear many stories of people who quit their job or quit college and then went on to become millionaires and then we also hear stories of people who lost their job and then started on a downward spiral into poverty and perpetual strife and struggle.

The difference that often goes unnoticed is often the “side hustle”. A person who leaves their job and has a side hustle or several side hustles can view their job loss or leaving their job as an opportunity to give their own business more time and attention while someone who just gets fired and has no entrepreneurial venture can be devastated, unless and until they get yet another job.

The following are some “side hustles” worth trying out:

Consult on Whatever

Being a consultant is surprisingly easy: all you have to do is know more about something than someone else.Then it’s just a matter of figuring out how to help that person achieve their goals within the space you’re familiar with. Consulting can be time-consuming, but it can also be quite lucrative, if you possess valuable knowledge others want access to.

Colin Wright, Exile Lifestyle

Consult Cragislist as an Extra Income Dartboard

The Craigslist-as-Dartboard approach involves some high-tech trial and error: browse the services section (“lessons & tutoring” is a good subset within services), keep a list of any services that sound fun and that you might be qualified to do (keep it legal!). Bookmark or copy posts you like, then write 2-3 of your own for different areas. Post them and see which ones take.

Jenny Blake, Life After College

Create Forms of Passive Income

“Passive income” is a misnomer, as these things usually take time to set up. But if you can use your knowledge to create a high-quality, high-value information product — like an ebook, worksheet, or case study — you can collect income on that product for years to come.

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