Why Women Find More Joy in Entrepreneurship Than Men

Businesswoman.By Staff Blogger

While we can all agree that women still face inequality in the workplace, there is one area where they are much happier than men; entrepreneurship.

A report by Fast Company shows that one in ten women are going into business for themselves and a third of them  aspire to expand to six or more employees Not surprisingly, many of the women who start their businesses are between the ages of 34 and 44 which is believed to have a lot to do with motherhood. For many of these women, both work and motherhood are very demanding but both require more flexible schedules.

The report’s lead author, Babson College associate professor of entrepreneurship Donna Kelley, suggests that entrepreneurship has value beyond economic and social value. Kelley goes on to state, “Clearly, entrepreneurship provides women a most satisfying career choice.”

Women in the study were reported to be much happier than men who were also starting their business and the reason is likely that the women feel more confident about the likelihood of success when they step out on their own. The more confident the women are, the more successful they are and the more actions they take towards building their independent enterprises.

According to businessinsider.com,
Happiness is a key factor to female entrepreneurs. According to the report, when a woman achieves success in her business their happiness is nearly triple to that of a woman who has an employer or does not have a successful business. This may have to do with American female business owners averaging higher salaries to other females in the workforce at $63,000 to $42,700.


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