Whoopi Goldberg and the women of The View discuss the Tsunami in Japan

The View’s moderator, Whoopi Goldberg opened the show, The View, today by talking about the recent earthquake and Tsunami that has, sadly, hit Japan. While a video of the destruction and damage in Japan played behind her, she suggested that anyone who had not seen those images “must be living under a rock”.

The people of Japan continue to be in my prayers but I have made a conscious decision not to be constantly exposed to the images and news about all the death and destruction that the people of Japan are suffering from. It is my firm belief that we have to be diligent about what we allow into our minds and into our thoughts. Again, I reiterate, because I am a praying woman, I continue to pray, not only for the people of Japan but also for anyone and everyone that has been or will be affected by this great tragedy. That being said, constantly looking at horrific images of the destruction and continuing to talk about it, does not accomplish anything.

Initially, when the earthquake first happened, it was necessary to provide information to the world about what was happening and some of the images that we saw on television were useful because they showed us the magnitude of the earthquake and the degree to which it had affected Japan and its surrounding areas. I believe that we are now past that point.
I encourage anyone who has the resources to help the people affected by this tragedy to focus their time and energy on helping in whatever way they can. In addition to that, I encourage those that pray to pray for the people who are affected. What I am strongly discouraging is constantly talking about the tragedy and not taking any positive and restorative action. What I’m also discouraging is watching the images of the destruction and feeling fear, despair and other negative and dis-empowering emotions and then not doing anything.

I believe that when Whoopi Goldberg opened the show, The View, by talking about the devastation, especially in Japan, she was doing her job; she was discussing one of the world’s most current and pressing topics and that is fine. That being said, I think that we all need to move to the next level and stop watching it and talking about it unless we are talking about taking positive, restorative action that will help the people affected. Let’s help the people of Japan by taking action and let’s help ourselves by keeping death and destruction out of our minds.


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