All Successful Women Have Mastered These Four Habits

The Real womenIn spite of how much we hear people attributing success to luck or some random set of circumstances, success doesn’t just happen. Success is something that requires focus, discipline and the right set of habits.

Contrary to what many people believe success actually requires a lot of focus on ones self. To be successful in the outside world, one must first be successful in their inner world.

Below are the four habits all successful people have:

1. Self-awareness

Do you truly understand who you are? Are you aware of how you make people feel and react by the things you say and do and even more the ways you say and do them? Many people don’t have a good sense of their outer being. They go through their day reacting and doing not even realizing what comes out of their mouths or how their actions impact the people around them. Commit time to get to know yourself especially from the outside. Invite others to share their observations of your behavior and attitudes. Don’t just focus on your positive attributes.

Go to those you know will be honest and spend time learning about your potentially challenging attributes as well. The more you understand about how you affect people, the better you can motivate them to join you in a worthy cause. Then you can decide whether to keep, adjust, or eliminate behaviors to reach your preferred future.

2. Self-confidence

If you don’t believe in yourself, why would anyone else? As a successful leader people want to believe you know where to go and have some idea of how to get there. They are dealing with their own insecurities and don’t really have additional tolerance for yours if you are in charge. That may be unfair, but reality is not generally a function of fairness. Being self-confident does not mean you have to know all the answers. But it does mean you must have the inner strength and knowledge to address any given situation or obstacle that may come your way. Experience helps, but it is a combination of resourcefulness, resolve, and humility that will make most people, even you, believe in your leadership.

Take stock of what you do well. Identify your areas of insecurity and create a plan to remedy those areas through education and support remembering that the only one who can truly make you confident is you.

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  1. kevin says:

    It’s true All success path can be found in many sacrifices, but especially in the ability to know one self enough. It’s important not to lack confidence in one self.

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