Investing: How To Turn Fear Into Your Greatest Asset

A confident African American businesswoman in her office.By Staff Blogger

Everyone experiences fear at some point in their lives, for different reasons. When it comes to investing, women tend to experience a lot of fear. According to Kim Kiyosaki, a highly successful real estate investor and author, a question she hears many women ask repeatedly is how they can overcome their fear when it comes to investing.

Kiyosaki says, “The first step, I say, is to know that you’re not alone! Everyone is afraid when it comes time to buy that first rental property or to invest in that first business. Any time you commit your hard-earned money to an investment, you’ll find fear waiting for you.”

Not all fear is “made equal” because some fear is not necessarily bad. Fear can be useful because it makes us more aware when we may be in life threatening situations and it will often cause us to pause and think before we make a bad decision. Fear can sometimes keep us alive; that’s a significant benefit.

“Fear is also helpful when it comes to investing. Whenever we enter into an arena that is unfamiliar and unknown, a little fear can be a good thing. It can motivate us to take one extra in-depth look at the numbers on that rental property or to tune in to the special TV report about the industry in which we just bought stocks. A touch of fear can keep us on our toes and sometimes avoid costly mistakes. This is where fear can serve us” says Kiyosaki.

The downside of fear is that it can be destructive. Fear can kill dreams and cause us to miss opportunities and end up living lives in which we don’t grow and don’t have passion.

Says, Kiyosaki, “The harmful face of fear is when it paralyzes us -when we’re immobilized and we do nothing. We say, “No,” to the opportunity automatically, without even thinking. All we can see are the things that will go wrong. When this happens, we spew out all the reasons why the investment is a bad, risky, and unwise venture to undertake. The fear of making mistakes, of losing money, and of personal disappointment wins.”

The great news is that fear can become an asset for you. It can even become your biggest asset. You can use your fear as a way to be alerted that you are facing an opportunity to grow and expand yourself, as long as you are not in any actual life threatening situations.

Kiyosaki adds, “It’s often through the process of dealing with fear that we grow the most. And when you come through to the other side, it’s exhilarating! You are not the same person you were before.

Think of it this way: Fear is how we grow. Instead of dreading fear, look it straight in the eye and know you’ve just uncovered your next level of growth.”





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