4 Essential Steps To Weight Loss Success

It is my opinion, that losing weight is a relatively straightforward concept, but it is the lack of discipline that complicates the issue. The reality is that weight loss and more importantly weight management, has and will always be predicted on some basic concepts. Even as we make medical advancements in the area of obesity and weight management, and the proliferation of new fad diets and surgical intervention continue, the road will inevitably make its way back to the concepts that we will explore in this article. It is my belief, that if you follow these time tested principles, you will have the necessary tools to meet your weight loss goals and maintain a healthy weight.

The principles listed below are nothing new and they surely do not require a comprehensive understanding of Quantum physics to grasp them. They do however; require a large degree of discipline to use them effectively. The same discipline that serves as the cornerstone for achieving our goals and dreams in most every aspect of our lives, is this same discipline needed to reach our weight loss goals as well. Now, let’s begin to explore these principles in depth.

1. Eat Smaller Portions

Try eating smaller portions at mealtime and make sure your plate if colorful.  A proper balance of whole grains, vegetables and fruits and the occassional protein portion that is no larger then the palm of your hand, will make a colorful plate.  Also if you want prepared meals and snacks, many of the well known food manufacturers package their cookies and snacks, and frozen meals in smaller portions sizes, with respect to quantity and total calories. Consequently, you get a lower calorie count per package. The concept here is to consume smaller portion meal.

2. Stop Eating Those Big Late-Night Meals

Our bodies function most efficiently at the height of the day, when are at our most active. Ideally, this is the time when you should have your heartiest meal, when we are burning the most calories. As the day progresses, our bodies naturally start to slow down, and as evening turns to nightfall, our body begins to shut down in terms of activity. This is not the time to consume a large meal. We have all done it…after we eat this meal at 9:30 PM or 10 PM; we hit the couch and watch television or read a book. Well at this hour, our bodies are fully shut down compared to 12 noon, so we are not working off any calories. Consequently, the food just sits there and you know what that means.

3. Eat for Satisfaction not for Over Indulgence

When is the last time you pushed back from the table or lunch counter satisfied but not stuffed? More times than not, you walk away bloated and uncomfortable. In my opinion, this is a common mistake that is made when we consume our meals, mainly at lunch or dinner.  The simple act of training yourself to eat until your hunger has been adequately satisfied is an important aspect of weight loss. Much like the portion sizing, this will cause you to consume fewer calories per meal.

4. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!!!!

This is the big one. This is where the game is won or loss. Exercise is the cornerstone of any weight loss method you choose. Simply take a look at any of the latest fades in dieting, and you will discover that exercise, movement or activity is an essential component of those diets. Exercise is good for the body, because it is the mechanism that burns calories and reduces your body fat. Now I realize that not everyone likes or even cares to exercise. Sorry to say, that dieting alone won’t do the trick.. You have to do some form of exercise. So get out and do something, be it walking, cycling, hiking, aerobics etc. Whatever you choose, just move, so you can loose!

As was stated earlier in this article, these principles have been around for decades and have been used successfully by many individuals. In this world of quick fixes, many of us do not want to invest in hard work when it comes to weight loss.  Discipline is absolutely essential to having any successful weight loss program or plan. I am a true believer, that if you follow these principles and use will power and self-control, you will be successful in losing weight. It is not going to be easy, but anything worth having is worth fighting for. Go out and make it happen, take control of your weight. If you put in the work, it will pay off. Believe you can do it…believe in yourself!!

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  1. Candice says:

    there is no harm in having a little once in a while but you can’t alow your self to over indulge in eny thing.

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