You don’t deserve it…YET!

Have you ever worked really hard at accomplishing something or prayed really hard and had your mother, aunties and the whole church praying for you and still, NOTHING happened that you were working towards or hoping and praying for?
I was just reflecting this morning and I realized that some of the things that I “have” today, require a great amount of maturity, strength and faith to either have or to endure. If I had, for example, gotten married any sooner than I had, the marriage probably would have failed. It was not until I had learned some important lessons about me and about life and [God], that I got married and I’m so grateful that my prayers were not answered any sooner! Some of the lessons, I have had to learn along the way but I’m so grateful that I had the right foundation.

Marriage is just one example, but even in the last year or so, I have faced some very challenging circumstances and I realize that if I had faced them any sooner in my life, I probably would have crumbled. I’m saying all this to say this: If you’re not getting what you think you deserve or what you want, don’t look at it as something being withheld from you. Look at it as an opportunity to continue to prepare because if it is for you, it is for you! The only “thing” between you and what you want and or deserve is time. Consider that maybe you’re just not ready or you’re not adequately prepared.
I have such a wonderful life that if it were not mine, I would probably envy it! I’m not just bragging, but instead, I’m saying that to make this point: Getting what you want is the easy part; (even if it seems difficult), it’s maintaining what you have, whether its joy, a great job, a great marriage etc., which require the strength, wisdom, fortitude and faith that you may still be in the process of building and acquiring.

Imagine if you got your dream job and then a few days into it, you realized you were completely incompetent! Or, you married your dream man (or woman) and then realized that you were so broken that you were destroying the relationship, along with your spouse and yourself! The alternative is this, you may not get what you want when you want it but in the meantime, you cultivate, in yourself, the skills, wisdom and strength and whatever else it takes to handle “it” when you finally get “it”.
What I’m ultimately saying, my friends, can be summed up in three points:

1. If you feel that you have done everything you need to do to get what you want and have still not gotten it, you probably haven’t done EVERYTHING that needs to be done. Maybe you still have some growing to do…
2. Take time to appreciate where you are and what you have NOW. Total and complete acceptance of who you are, where you are and what your circumstances are is often the bridge that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.
3. If you want something, don’t ever give up. My life is a testimony to that! Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you should or should not want or have. You deserve every good thing that comes into your life and if you don’t get it, it may just not be the right time…YET. Again, don’t EVER give up!

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One Response to “You don’t deserve it…YET!”

  1. herbert says:

    Awesome! Well-written! Timely! Im running out of superlatives!! This was just to express my deep appreciation of this article..the funny thing is that is what everyone was telling me this morning after i discovered something that was outright unfair and downlow and the sad thing i hear about it days later! Talk about being out of the loop!! Anyway that was a digression, the point i am trying to make is that the general consolation from my well meaning colleagues was that maybe there is a hidden meaning to what is happening, that only God knows when the timing will be right. While still at it let me also express my appreciation for the synchronicity of your posts and what is on my mind or going on in my life at that point, its just amazing! It was for a purpose that you are my friend Mrs Moses! You are truly a phenomenal woman! And you deserve everything you have and more.
    I have to admit i do not make friends easily, my standards are high, i expect too much from people, i spot weaknesses easily and that makes me a not so easy person to get along with, a very ‘lonely’ life indeed, but one that i learnt to accept and deal with the best way that i can without crumbling or becoming bitter. I digress again by paraphrasing what was said by one of those great African ladies Dr Mamphela Ramphela while she was still the Chancellor of UCT on non-comformism, she said ‘..if you find yourself unpopular because of your beliefs, wisdom will visit you in that loneliness and do not despair, before long friends will come and fill that ’empty’ space your life will be amazing again.’ I thank God for this prophesy coming true!!

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