This Homeschool Father Once Ran For State Board of Education and Won!

By Victor Trammell

You have two kinds of people in the world. There are those who follow the trends of their peers and there are others who set trends by blazing their own trail.

When it comes to the exclusive club of elected administrators in the conventional education system, there is a limited pool of human capital that usually becomes qualified enough to serve their local or state Board of Trustees. Most of the candidates who ascend to such educational leadership positions have similar backgrounds.

They have served as public school principals, charter school co-founders, and others have worked as attorneys representing the school districts of their locality. However, homeschool educators, for the most part, are deemed unqualified to assume leadership roles within the framework of the conventional education system.

Those odds did not stop the determination of a Texas-based homeschool father, pastor, and pharmacist from achieving the unthinkable. Dr. Richard Watson (pictured) was homeschooling his children and working as a full-time pharmacist in 1983 when a member of the Texas State Board of Education suggested he run for a seat on that same elected body.

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