Adorable 9-Year-Old Uses Her YouTube Channel To Run A Business

By Victor Trammell

A young girl from London, England is proving to the world that it is never too early to learn how to be a savvy business person.

The Voice, a black-owned British newspaper reported recently that Na’ariyah Kamare Hall (pictured) is already getting her start as a successful entrepreneur. The nine-year-old media darling has a YouTube channel called Kamare’s Crazy Creations. She’s also a part of a company called Ultra Kids, which was founded by her father Julian Hall.

Na’ariyah’s YouTube channel is full of videos, which showcase her skills as a cook, marketing guru, and a presenter doing professional product reviews. The adorable, articulate pitch maker always wanted to have her own YouTube channel. Na’ariyah’s aspirations to do what she is doing now came to her early in life.

“When I was five, I always wanted to have a YouTube channel. So a couple of years later, I asked my parents if I could start a channel and they said yes,” Na’ariyah told The Voice.

Na’ariyah credits her mother with influencing her to promote and sell products associated with a healthy diet. The pint-sized food maven also runs a company that sells a vegan chocolate spread called ChocoRia.

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