If You’re Not Doing This One Thing You’re A “Loser”

Woman looking sidewaysBy Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

If you walked into a room full of people and said “All the losers put your hands up,” there is a good chance no one would put their hands up. This is because no one sets out to be a “loser”; it tends to happen by default. So, how does a person become a loser? The answer is simple: a person becomes a “loser” by not having a purpose.

If on Friday night, as I am thinking about what to do on Saturday morning, I decide that after a long and productive week I must rest, sleeping all morning is perfectly acceptable. If, on the other hand, I don’t even think about what I will accomplish on Saturday and then on Saturday, I sleep all morning, I am potentially a “loser”. Deciding to get some rest is purposeful action and my desired outcome is to restore my energy and feel rested and rejuvenated. Even though I technically did nothing, I have accomplished something; I rested. I made a decision and I followed through.

What makes you a “loser” is not planning, not having a purpose and not making a decision. A deliberate decision to do nothing is very different from just not doing anything because you feel apathetic about your life. The difference becomes even more glaring when action is required. The person who decides to rest, may then run some errands in the afternoon, which is what they had decided they would do that afternoon (after resting all morning). The apathetic person may continue to just do nothing and therefore continue to accomplish…nothing.

At a glance, the person with purpose and the one without it may appear the same but when you really look at them over a long period of time, the apathetic person will have a lot of “nothing” going on and the other person will be making progress and accomplishing their goals.  If you are not actively living on purpose, you’re losing in this game of life.

Set an intention for your day, everyday. Rest, relaxation and doing nothing are perfectly okay if that is your intention (ideally for a limited amount of time) but don’t spend your life watching things happen by default and then wonder why other people have the things you want but can’t seem to get. Don’t be a “loser”; live on purpose.

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